Membership of ASSTA


ASSTA is an incorporated professional association, with objectives designed to enhance the quality of professional life of those who work in any aspect of speech communication, both between humans, and between humans and machines.

You are invited to consider membership of ASSTA as an ordinary member, an associate member, a student member, or a corporate member. These grades of membershipare differentiated as follows:-

  • An ordinary member is a person with active involvement in research into, or development of, or application of speech science and technology.
  • An associate member is regarded as a person who does not currently qualify as an ordinary member but who has a strong interest in speech science and technology.
  • A student member is regarded as a person who qualifies as an associate member but in addition has committed themself to study in a recognised course which is related to speech science and technology.
  • A corporate member is regarded as a person or company who wishes to support the work of the Association and to have their name associated with that support in Association publicity.

Companies interested in supporting professional standards in these areas are invited to consider Corporate Membership by writing to the secretary of the Association. Persons seeking individual membership are requested to fill in the ASSTA Inc Membership Form and to submit it by e-mail (preferably) or by post to the address on the bottom of the form.

Individual Members will receive the ASSTA Newsletter and will enjoy a substantial discount when registering for conferences organised or sponsored by ASSTA, and when subscribing to any future ASSTA publications. All ordinary members working in Australia will be eligible to be included in the Directory of Australian Speech Science and Technology published biennially by ASSTA. An executive guideline on all membership benefits is available.

Membership fees are (effective 2014):

  • A $66 (inc. GST) for ordinary members,
  • A $44 (inc. GST) for associate members,
  • A $22 (inc. GST) for student members, and
  • A $220 (inc. GST) for corporate members.

As of December 2007, ASSTA and ISCA have agreed to offer 25% discounts on membership fees to members of either organisation who are not currently members of the other organisation. That is, ASSTA members who are not currently ISCA members may save 25% on the ISCA membership fee and vice versa. The membership fee reduction applies for one year only and is introduced to promote mutual enrollment.

As membership applications must be approved by the executive you should allow at least two months for the processing of your application.

Please DO NOT SEND MONEY with your application. You will be billed at the appropriate rate once your application has been approved. Any questions should be directed to the secretary at the postal or e-mail address given on the ASSTA Home Page.

Contact ASSTA: Either email The ASSTA Secretary, or

G.P.O. Box 143, Canberra City, ACT, 2601.

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