Workshop on speech production/perception training research focusing on the acquisition of length contrasts in Japanese (and other languages)

Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association Research Event Program

June 16 and 17, 2011


June 16 (Thu) W6B201

9:45-10:00      Opening Address
(Professor Martina Möllering, Macquarie University)
Introduction & Information
(Dr. Kimiko Tsukada, Macquarie University)


10:00-11:00    Guest Lecture 1
(Professor Yukari Hirata, Colgate University, USA)


11:00-11:20    Tea Break 1


11:20-11:50    Presentation 1

11:50-12:20    Presentation 2


12:20-1:20      Lunch Break


1:20-2:20          Guest Lecture 2 
                            Native and non-native perceptual cues of length contrasts in Japanese
(Dr. Hiroaki Kato, NICT/ATR, Japan)

2:20-2:50        Presentation 3

(Dr. Chiharu Tsurutani, Griffith University)


2:50-3:10        Tea Break 2


3:10-4:10        MQ Lecture


  June 17 (Fri) W6B225


10:00-10:40    Demonstration 1
(Dr. Hiroaki Kato, NICT/ATR, Japan)


10:40-11:20    Demonstration 2
(Professor Yukari Hirata, Colgate University, USA)


11:20-12:00    Demonstration 3
(Dr. Chiharu Tsurutani, Griffith University and Dr. Shunichi Ishihara, Australian National University)

End of Program


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