Workshop on the Phonetic Analysis of Rhythm in Indigenous Languages: Schedule of Talks

Rhythm and Timing Across Languages  Keynote Speaker: Amalia Arvaniti, University of Kent.   (Chair: Catherine Watson)


A Changing Tune In Māori: Prosodic Cues In Language Discrimination

MAONZE team: Universities of Canterbury, Waikato and Auckland.

Development of a methodology for eliciting and analyzing perceived prosodic prominences: a Māori case study

Laura Thompson, Catherine Watson, Helen Charters : University of Auckland

Moderated Discussion (Chair: Ray Harlow)


Final Rises in Samoan: Nuclear Accent or Boundary Marker?

Sasha Calhoun, Victoria University of Wellington

A preliminary study of pitch and rhythm in Pitjantjatjara.

 Marija Tabain (La Trobe University, Melbourne), Janet Fletcher (University of Melbourne), Christian Heinrich (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich)

Moderated Discussion (Chair: Laura Thompson)


Syllable Structure and Rhythm in Urama

Sam Mandal, Jason Brown & Zoe LIppsett: University of Auckland

Stress in Kaytetye

Myfany Turpin (University of Queensland) and Katherine Demuth (Macquarie University)

Moderated Discussion (Chair: Peter Keegan)


Rhythmic organisation in Polynesian vocal music: A comparison of Pukapukan and Māori genres

Kevin Salisbury, Auckland

A phonetic-phonotactic approach to rhythm: Rhythmic jitter

Vica Papp, University of Canterbury

Moderated Discussion (Chair: Margaret Maclagan)

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