The following documents are tabled for the AGM 2003 which is held as a mail meeting with votes due by December 30th 2003.

Motivation for Constitutional Changes

Our Constitution has for a long time relied on a set of model rules layed out by the ACT government relating to the governance of Incorporated Associations. In places where our constitution made no statement, the model rules were relied upon. We were told last year that this was no longer acceptable and that our Constitution should meet certain minimum requirements. In particular we did not have clauses relating to:

We have amended the Constitution largely by cutting and pasting from the model rules and so there is in effect no change in policy embodied in these amendments. The changes are highlighted in the attached copy of the Constitution; please note that the addition of new clauses has necessitated the renumbering of existing clauses. Note also that additional front matter has been included as required by the ACT.