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New Researcher Award

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TITLE _____________ SURNAME _____________________________________

GIVEN NAMES ____________________________________________________

POSTAL ADDRESS_________________________________________________



TELEPHONE (____)_________________ EMAIL _________________________

ASSTA MEMBERSHIP NUMBER (if applicable) __________________________

Please select and fill in appropriate information:

____ I am currently enrolled in postgraduate studies at an Australian
or New Zealand University.

DEGREE PROGRAMME (e.g. PhD full-time) ___________________________

DATE OF COMMENCEMENT  _________________________________

NAME OF ACADEMIC INSTITUTION _________________________________


DATE OF AWARD OF MY FIRST DEGREE ___________________________


____ I am not enrolled in postgraduate study and I am within 2 years of the
awarding of my highest degree.

HIGHEST DEGREE (e.g. PhD) ______________________________________


Title of Paper submitted to SST Conference:



Authors on Paper (Applicant must be first author): _______________________


Supervisor Declaration

I declare that the applicant satisfies all the eligibility requirements,
that the applicant was the main contributor to the work,
and that the information given on this application and all attachments provided
are true and accurate records and statements and I authorise ASSTA to verify any facts.
I understand that if any information is found to be false this application
and/or any subsequent awards may be cancelled.

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Organisation: ________________________________________________

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