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Jeannette McGregor, Macquarie University
Sallyanne Palethorpe, Macquarie University
The communicative function of high-rising tunes in Australian English (paper not peer reviewed)

Collin McDonnell, University of Melbourne
David Grayden, University of Melbourne
Anthony Burkitt, The Bionic Ear Institute
William Kentler, The Bionic Ear Institute
The effect of stimulation rate on spectral acuity in cochlear implant users

Apiluck Tumtavitikul, Kasetsart University
The Intonation of Thai Emotional Speech

Philip Rose, Australian National University
The Intrinsic Forensic Discriminatory Power of Diphthongs

Julia Hoelterhoff, Universitaet Konstanz
Henning Reetz, Universitaet Frankfurt/Main
The perceptual place distinction of German obstruents with restricted frequency information

Rungpat Roengpitya, Mahidol University
The Phonetic Realizations of the Khorat Thai Tones

Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Nihon University
The Spatiotemporal Effects of Speaking Rate on Gestural Coordination: an EPG study

Benedict Tan, University of New South Wales
Deep Sen, University of New South Wales
The Use of the Attack Transient Envelope in Instrument Recognition

Zhibo Liu, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Fang Zheng, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Xiaojun Wu, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Mingxing Xu, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Towards A New Implementation Approach for Rapid Development of Text-based Dialog Systems

Sigrid Roehling, University of Auckland
Catherine Watson, University of Auckland
Bruce MacDonald, University of Auckland
Towards Expressive Speech Synthesis in English on a Robotic Platform