Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Melbourne, Australia 2019
Edited by Sasha Calhoun, Paola Escudero, Marija Tabain and Paul Warren.

ISBN 978-0-646-80069-1

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Front Matter


Mon 5th Aug 10:00, Plenary 3

Amalia Arvaniti
     Crosslinguistic variation, phonetic variability, and the formation of categories in intonation

Tue 6th Aug 16:30, Plenary 3

Jonas Beskow
     On talking heads, social robots and what they can teach us

Wed 7th Aug 12:00, Plenary 3

Lucie Ménard
     Production-perception relationships in sensory deprived populations: the case of visual impairment

Thu 8th Aug 9:00, Plenary 3

Nicholas Evans
     Australia and New Guinea: Sundered hemi-continents of sound

Fri 9th Aug 11:00, Plenary 3

Bryan Gick
     How bodies talk


Mon 5th Aug 11:30, Plenary 3, Sociophonetics: Language variation and change

François Conrad
    The sociophonetics of /R/-vocalization in Luxembourgish
Jo Pearce
    Identity, socialization and environment in transgender speakers: Sociophonetic variation in creak and /s/
James Walker
    Sociophonetics at the Intersection of Variable Processes: Variation in English (ING)
Abby Cohn; Rachel Vogel
    Variation in two patterns of word-initial deletion in Jakarta Indonesia: Insight from naturalistic data
Yoonjung Kang; Na-Young Ryu; Suyeon Yun
    Contrastive hyperarticulation of vowels in two dialects of Korean
Lorena Perdomo-Pinto; Scott Sadowsky
    The Ultra-High-Frequency Whistled /s/ of Southern Chilean Spanish: Socioeconomic and Gender Stratification of its Spectral Moments and Prevalence

Mon 5th Aug 11:30, Room 216, Phonetics of emotion: Producing emotional speech

Albert Lee; Eva Ng
    Vocal attractiveness in Cantonese: A production study
Márton Bartók
    Phonatory changes during emotion-inducing game events: the effect of discrepancy from expectations and goal conduciveness
Jürgen Trouvain; Nick Campbell
    Phonetics as a laughing matter
Louise Probst
    The effect of emotional state on fundamental frequency
Jesin James; Hansjörg Mixdorff; Catherine Watson
    Quantitative model-based analysis of F0 contours of emotional speech
Chen Lan; Pak Long Hui; Wenwei Xu; Peggy Pik Ki Mok
    Revisiting Acoustic Cues of Sarcasm in Cantonese

Mon 5th Aug 11:30, Room 217, Phonetics of L2: perception of suprasegmentals

Kimiko Tsukada; John Hajek
    Cross-language perception of Italian and Japanese consonant length contrasts:  comparison of native Italian listeners with and without Japanese language learning experience
Ricky Chan
    Difficulty in learning L2 tones: Insights from the incidental learning of tone-segment mappings
Suyeon Im; Jose Ignacio Hualde
    Perception of Prosodic Prominence by Korean Learners of English
Mirjam Ernestus; Sophie Brand
    Understanding reduced words: the relevance of reduction degree and frequency of occurrence
Marita Everhardt; Anastasios Sarampalis; Matt Coler; Deniz Başkent; Wander Lowie
    Perception of L2 lexical stress in words degraded by a cochlear implant simulation
Wience Wing-sze Lai
    Use of Phonetic Cues by Hong Kong L1 Cantonese Learners in L2 English Word Stress Production and Perception

Mon 5th Aug 11:30, Room 218, Phonetics-phonology: Vowel acoustics at the phonetics-phonology interface

Ane Icardo Isasa; Jose Ignacio Hualde
    Paradigm Effects and Fuzzy Contrasts in Spanish Syllabification
Marjoleine Sloos; Jelske Dijkstra; Vincent van Heuven
    Schwa deletion results in geminate formation in West-Frisian
Davide Garassino; Dalila Dipino
    Vowel Length in Intemelian Ligurian. An experimental and cross-dialectal investigation
Lindsey Graham
    Production and contrastiveness of Canadian Raising in Metro-Detroit English
Kaylin Smith
    Vowel insertion in Scottish English liquid+nasal clusters: Boundary disputes and durational relations
Sejin Oh
    Phonetic and phonological vowel reduction in Brazilian Portuguese

Mon 5th Aug 11:30, Room 219, Production: Laryngeal articulation and voice quality

Alexis Dehais Underdown; Lise Crevier Buchman; Demolin Didier
    Acoustico-physiological coordination in the Human Beatbox: A pilot study on the beatboxed classic kick drum.
Lisa Davidson
    Perceptual coherence of creaky voice qualities
Wei-rong Chen; D.H. Whalen; Mark Tiede
    Mandibular contribution to vowel-intrinsic F0
Jingmin Lin; Scott Moisik
    The Lingual Voice Quality Settings of Standard Singapore English and Singapore Colloquial English
Mayuki Matsui; Alexei Kochetov
    Laryngeal coarticulation in two types of devoicing: An electroglottographic study of Russian and English
John Esling; Scott Moisik; Lise Crevier Buchman; Philippe Halimi
    Putting the larynx in the vowel space: Studying larynx state across vowel quality using MRI

Mon 5th Aug 11:30, Room 220, Production: Tone

Zhi Yun Dawn Poh; Scott Moisik
    A larnygeal ultrasound study of Singaporean Mandarin tones
Oi-Yee Ho; Jing Shao; Jinghua Ou; Sam-Po Law; Caicai Zhang
    Congenital Amusia and Tone Merger: Perception and Production of Lexical Tones in Hong Kong Cantonese
Li-Hsin Ning
    High level tone is special: Vocal responses to pitch perturbation in Cantonese
Bin Li; Yihan Guan
    Generational differences in production of a tonal contrast in Hong Kong Cantonese
Bijun Ling
    How does phonetics interact with phonology during tone sandhi
Yan Sun; Chilin Shih
    Anticipatory Tonal Coarticulation: How, When, and Why It Occurs

Mon 5th Aug 16:00, Plenary 3, Special session: The perception-production link for coarticulation
Organisers: Alan Yu and Georgie Zellou

Yue Zheng; Paul Iverson
    Cross-language differences in the perception of fricative transitional cues: Behaviroual measures and EEG
Anqi Xu; Peter Birkholz; Yi Xu
    Coarticulation as synchronized dimension-specific sequential target approximation: An articulatory synthesis simulation
Jiayin Gao; Jihyeon Yun; Takayuki Arai
    VOT-F0 coarticulation in Japanese: production-biased or misparsing?
Andries Coetzee; Patrice Speeter Beddor; Will Styler; Stephen Tobin; Ian Bekker; Daan Wissing
    Producing and perceiving socially indexed coarticulation in Afrikaans

Mon 5th Aug 16:00, Room 216, Special session: From voiced to whispered speech
Organisers: Marzena Żygis and Zofia Malisz

Scott Moisik; Michaela Hejná; John Esling
    Abducted vocal fold states and the epilarynx: A new taxonomy for distinguishing breathiness and whisperiness
Pauline Welby; Oliver Niebuhr
    Segmental intonation information in French fricatives
Marzena Zygis; Susanne Fuchs
    How prosody, speech mode and speaker visibility influence lip aperture
Zofia Malisz; Patrik Jonell; Jonas Beskow
    The visual prominence of whispered speech in Swedish

Mon 5th Aug 16:00, Room 217, Phonetics of L2: perception of segments

Alba Tuninetti; James Whang; Paola Escudero
    Nonnative vowel perception in a 4IAX task: The effects of acoustic distance
Zhen Qin; Annie Tremblay; Jie Zhang
    Influence of within-category tonal information in the recognition of Mandarin-Chinese words by native and non-native listeners: an eye-tracking study
Xinchun Wang; Jidong Chen
    English Speakers' Perception of Mandarin Consonants: The Effect of Phonetic Distances and L2 Experience
Sun-Young Lee; Mi-Jung Sung; Jeonghwa Cho; Ki-Chun Nam; Hyeon-Ae Jeon; Youngjoo Kim
    L2 learners' neural sensitivity to the Korean stop sounds: the role of proficiency
Zhao Liu; Celia Gorba; Juli Cebrian
    Effects of learning an additional language on VOT perception
Daniel Williams; Paola Escudero
    Detecting phonetic variation versus phonemic differences

Mon 5th Aug 16:00, Room 218, Speech corpora: diversity and variation

Yaru Wu; Cédric Gendrot; Martine Adda-Decker; Cécile Fougeron
    Post-consonantal Word-final /R/ Realization in French: Contributions of Large Corpora
Ethan Sherr-Ziarko; Jieun Kiaer
    A Prosodic Analysis of Intervening Objects in English Phrasal Verbs Using the British National Corpus
Paul Heggarty; Ludger Paschen; Cormac Anderson
    Sound Comparisons:  A New Online Database and Resource for Research in Phonetic Diversity
Alexei Kochetov; Laura Colantoni; Yoonjung Kang; Jeffrey Steele
    Linguopalatal contact differences between /n/ and /t/ across six languages
Shinichiro Sano; Celeste Guillemot
    The role of extra-linguistic factors in pitch range variation: A corpus study of spoken Japanese
Adèle Jatteau; Ioana Vasilescu; Lori Lamel; Martine Adda-Decker
    Final devoicing of fricatives in French: Studying variation in large corpora with automatic alignment

Mon 5th Aug 16:00, Room 219, Special session: Speech perception in underrepresented populations
Organisers: Melissa Baese-Berk, Melinda Fricke, Marta Ortega-Llebaria, Amos Teo and Seth Wiener

Amos Teo; Melissa Baese-Berk
    Production and perception of focus in Sümi
Kathleen Jepson
    The role of vowel and consonant duration in vowel length categorisation by Djambarrpuyŋu listeners
Myriam Lapierre; Susan Lin
    Cues to Panãra nasal-oral stop sequence perception
Amelia Kimball; Hermann Keupdjio; Kathryn Franich
    Expanding Field Studies Using Online Speech Perception Experiments

Mon 5th Aug 16:00, Room 220, Special session: Prosody in New Englishes
Organisers: Elinor Payne and Olga Maxwell

Toby Hudson; Peggy Mok; Jane Setter
    Nuclear Tones in Hong Kong and British English
Adam Chong; James Sneed German
    Variability in tonal realisation in Singapore English intonation
Philipp Meer; Robert Fuchs
    Pitch level, range, and dynamism in Trinidadian English: A comparative study with other varieties of English
Donald White; Peggy Mok
    L2 Speech Rhythm and Language Experience in New Immigrants

Tue 6th Aug 09:00, Plenary 3, Sound change: production and perception

Koen Sebregts; Patrycja Strycharczuk
    Contrast under pressure: The phonetics of Dutch past tense allomorphy
Ying Chen; Yaping Chen; Lei Wang; Jie Cui
    Vowel Effects on the Perception of Nasal Place of Articulation in Wuxi Wu and Fuqing Min
Noam Amir; Einat Gonen; Yael Reshef; Evan Cohen
    Evidence of recent sound change in Modern Hebrew: a shift in vowel perception
Yuhan Lin; Yao Yao; Jin Luo
    Effect of exposure on production and perception of ongoing level tone mergers in Hong Kong Cantonese

Tue 6th Aug 09:00, Room 216, Phonetic variation: General

James Scobbie; Joan Ma
    Say again? Individual articulatory strategies for producing a clearly-spoken minimal pair wordlist
Antje Schweitzer; Wolfgang Wokurek; Peter Manfred Pützer
    Convergence of Harmonic Voice Quality Parameters in Spontaneous Dialogues
Sky Onosson; Nicole Rosen; Lanlan Li
    Ethnolinguistic Differentiation and the Canadian Shift
Adrian Leemann; Tam Blaxter; David Britain; Katherine Earnshaw
    The FACE of change in English dialects: 1950 v 2018

Tue 6th Aug 09:00, Room 217, Perception: Perceiving phonetic sequences

Phil Howson; Melissa Redford
    Listener preference is for reduced determiners that anticipate the following noun
Emily Felker; Mirjam Ernestus; Mirjam Broersma
    Evaluating dictation task measures for the study of speech perception
Harim Kwon; Ioana Chitoran
    Perception of native consonant clusters with non-native phonetic patterns
Georgia Zellou; Bruno Ferenc Segedin
    The distribution of coarticulatory variation influences perceptual adaptation

Tue 6th Aug 09:00, Room 218, Production: Nasality

Chenhao Chiu; Yu-An Lu; Yining Weng; Shao-Jie Jin; Wei-Chen Weng; Tzu-Hsuan Yang
    Uncovering syllable-final nasal merging in Taiwan Mandarin: An ultrasonographic investigation of tongue postures and degrees of nasalization
Sarah Johnson; Ryan Shosted
    Spontaneous nasalization in Thai: A case of velopharyngeal underspecification 
Crous Hlungwani; Seunghun Lee
    Phonetics of modal and breathy nasals in Xitsonga
Christopher Carignan; Phil Hoole; Esther Kunay; Jonathan Harrington; Arun Joseph; Jens Frahm
    The phonetic basis of phonological vowel nasality: Evidence from real-time MRI velum movement in German

Tue 6th Aug 09:00, Room 219, Production: Lingual articulation and coarticulation 1

Daniel Recasens; Clara Rodríguez
    The effect of voicing on tongue configuration for unaspirated stop sequences
Guillaume Faucher; Elham Karimi; Lucie Ménard; Catherine Laporte
    Automatic palate delineation in ultrasound videos
Mark Tiede; Wei-rong Chen; D.H. Whalen
    Taiwanese Mandarin sibilant contrasts investigated using coregistered EMA and Ultrasound
Eleanor Lawson; Gregory Leplatre; Jane Stuart-Smith; James Scobbie
    The effects of syllable position on tongue shape and gestural magnitude in /l/ and /r/.

Tue 6th Aug 09:00, Room 220, Prosody: Lexical tone and information structure processing

Mengzhu Yan; Sasha Calhoun; Paul Warren
    The role of prosody in priming alternatives in Mandarin Chinese
Angeliki Athanasopoulou; Irene Vogel; Chao Han; Yue Yuan
    Confusability of Mandarin Tone 3 and Tone 4: effects of focus and syllable position
Chie Nakamura; Jesse Harris; Sun-Ah Jun
    Listeners' beliefs influence prosodic adaptation: Anticipatory use of contrastive accent during visual search
Ryan Bennett; Robert Henderson; Meg Harvey
    The interaction of tone and intonation in Uspanteko

Tue 6th Aug 12:00, Plenary 3, Sound change: splits and mergers

Valerie Freeman
    Prevelar merger in production vs. perception
Robert Xu
    Ongoing change of PIN/PEN vowels in California's Central Valley
Yihan Guan
    Nasal coda realisation in speech production of Shanghai Mandarin 
Yu-Ying Chuang; Ching-Chu Sun; Janice Fon; R. Harald Baayen
    Geographical variation of the merging between dental and retroflex sibilants in Taiwan Mandarin

Tue 6th Aug 12:00, Room 216, Speech Technology

Amelia Gully; Benjamin Tucker
    Modeling Voiced Stop Consonants using the 3D Dynamic Digital Waveguide Mesh Vocal Tract Model
Na-Young Ryu; Yoonjung Kang
    Web-based high variability phonetic training on L2 coda identification
Zofia Malisz; Gustav Eje Henter; Cassia Valentini-Botinhao; Oliver Watts; Jonas Beskow; Joakim Gustafson
    Modern speech synthesis for phonetic sciences: a discussion and an evaluation
Grzegorz Krynicki; Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk; Jarosław Weckwerth; Grzegorz Michalski; Kamil Kaźmierski; Barbara Maciejewska; Bożena Wiskirska-Woźnica; Marzena Żygis; Wiesław Kuczko; Alicja Sekuła
    Automatic English phoneme recognition from articulatory data generated by electropalatography systems with grid and anatomic layout of contact sensors

Tue 6th Aug 12:00, Room 217, Prosody and pragmatics

Haruo Kubozono; Ai Mizoguchi
    The Phonetics and Phonology of Vocative Intonation in Tokyo Japanese
Roger Yu-Hsiang Lo; Angelika Kiss; Maxime Tulling
    The prosodic properties of the Cantonese sentence-final particles aa1 and aa3 in rhetorical wh-questions
Lou Lee; Katarina Bartkova; Denis Jouvet; Mathilde Dargnat; Yvon Keromnes
    Can prosody meet pragmatics? Case of discourse particles in French
Jeffrey Geiger; Ming Xiang
    Production of deaccenting under repetition, entailment, and bridging: Phonetic and perceptual comparisons

Tue 6th Aug 12:00, Room 218, Phonation and tone

Marc Brunelle; Thành Tấn Tạ; James Kirby; Lư Giang Đinh
    Obstruent devoicing and registrogenesis in Chru
Minh-Chau Nguyen; Lise Crevier-Buchman; Didier Demolin; Alexis Michaud
    A glottalized tone in Muong (Vietic): A pilot study based on audio and electroglottographic recordings
Aletheia Cui; Jianjing Kuang
    The Effect of Musicality on Cue Selection in Pitch Perception by English and Mandarin Speakers
Katherine Dallaston; Gerard Docherty
    Estimating the prevalence of creaky voice: a fundamental frequency-based approach

Tue 6th Aug 12:00, Room 219, Production: Lingual articulation and coarticulation 2

Chakir Zeroual; Phil Hoole; Adamantios Gafos
    Vowel-to-consonant coarticulation in Moroccan Arabic
D. H. Whalen; Jaekoo Kang; Rion Iwasaki; Ghada Shejaeya; Boram Kim; Kevin Roon; Mark K. Tiede; Jonathan L. Preston; Emily Phillips; Tara McAllister; Suzanne E. Boyce
    Accuracy assessments of hand and automatic measurements of ultrasound images of the tongue
Eleanor Lawson; Jane Stuart-Smith
    The effects of syllable and sentential position on the timing of lingual gestures in /l/ and /r/
Daniil Kocharov; Vera Evdokimova
    Within-word articulatory effect of vowel rounding

Tue 6th Aug 12:00, Room 220, Prosody: Interacting channels of speech – tune and text

Jeremy Steffman; Sun-Ah Jun
    Effects of prosodic structure versus durational context on the perception of segmental categories: The case of focus realization
Martine Grice; Michelina Savino; Timo B Roettger
    Tune-text negotiation: The effect of intonation on vowel duration
Marina Vigario; Marisa Cruz; Sonia Frota
    Why tune or text? The role of the language phonological profile in the choice of strategies for tune-text adjustment
Francesco Cangemi; Aviad Albert; Martine Grice
    Modelling intonation: Beyond segments and tonal targets

Tue 6th Aug 14:00, Plenary 3, Special session: Dynamics of vowels in varieties of English
Organisers: Peggy Renwick and Ewa Jacewicz

Felicity Cox; Sallyanne Palethorpe
    Vowel variation in a standard context across four major Australian cities
Jason Shaw; Catherine Best; Gerard Docherty; Bronwen Evans; Paul Foulkes; Jennifer Hay; Karen Mulak
    An information theoretic perspective on perceptual structure: cross-accent vowel perception
Daniel Williams; Jaydene Elvin; Paola Escudero; Adamantios Gafos
    Multidimensional variation in English diphthongs
Anne Helen Fabricius
    The Anticlockwise Checked Vowel Chain Shift in modern RP in the twentieth century: Incrementations and diagonal shifts
Marton Soskuthy; Jennifer Hay; James Brand
    Horizontal diphthong shift in New Zealand English
Amanda Cole; Patrycja Strycharczuk
    The PRICE-MOUTH crossover in the "Cockney diaspora"

Tue 6th Aug 14:00, Room 216, Forensic phonetics and speaker characteristics: Variability and speaker-specificity

Meike de Boer; Willemijn Heeren
    The Speaker-Specificity of Filled Pauses: A Cross-Linguistic Study
Laura Smorenburg; Willemijn Heeren
    Speaker Variation in Dutch /x/ and /s/ as a Function of Syllabic Position and Lip-Rounding
Honglin Cao; Volker Dellwo
    The role of the first five formants in three vowels of Mandarin for forensic voice analysis

Tue 6th Aug 14:00, Room 217, Prosody: Rhythm and tempo

Michael O'Dell; Tommi Nieminen
    Syllable Rate, Syllable Complexity and Speech Tempo Perception in Finnish
Leendert Plug; Robert Lennon; Rachel Smith
    Measured and perceived speech tempo: Canonical vs surface syllable and phone rates
Kathryn Franich; Sreeparna Sarkar
    Effects of Rhythmicity on Speech Perception in Speech and Musical Contexts
Jungyun Seo; Sahyang Kim; Haruo Kubozono; Taehong Cho
    Interaction between rhythmic structure and preboundary lengthening in Japanese

Tue 6th Aug 14:00, Room 218, Laboratory Phonology: Plosives

Jose Ignacio Hualde; Ander Beristain; Ane Icardo Isasa; Jennifer Zhang
    Lenition of word-final plosives in Basque
Jae-Hyun Sung
    Phonetic Reduction and Enhancement in Conversational Korean Stops
Jason Bishop; Sejin Oh; Chen Zhou
    Final devoicing in Bulgarian: incomplete neutralization and L2 experience
Mira Oh; Dahee Kim
    Shortening of Voice Onset Times in Korean aspirates: Phonetic OCP or Timing regulation?

Tue 6th Aug 14:00, Room 219, Special session: Articulatory and acoustic uniformity in phonetic structure
Organisers: Matthew Faytak and Eleanor Chodroff

Eleanor Chodroff; Melissa Baese-Berk
    Constraints on variability in the voice onset time of L2 English stop consonants
James Tanner; Morgan Sonderegger; Jane Stuart-Smith
    Structured speaker variability in spontaneous Japanese stop contrast production
Kakeru Yazawa; Mariko Kondo
    Acoustic characteristics of Japanese short and long vowels: Formant displacement effect revisited
Jason Shaw; Karthik Durvasula; Alexei Kochetov
    The temporal basis of complex segments
Josef Fruehwald
    Is Phonetic Target Uniformity Phonologically, or Sociolinguistically Grounded?
Livia Oushiro
    Linguistic uniformity in the speech of Brazilian internal migrants in a dialect contact situation

Tue 6th Aug 14:00, Room 220, Special session: Modeling meaning-bearing configurations of prosodic features
Organisers: Oliver Niebuhr and Nigel Ward

Lydia Dorokhova; Mariapaola D'Imperio
    Rise dynamics determines tune perception in French: the case of questions and continuations.
Chenzi Xu
    Characterising Intonation in Plastic Mandarin Using Polynomial Modelling
Georg Lohfink; Argyro Katsika; Amalia Arvaniti
    Variability and category overlap in the realization of intonation
Yu-yin Hsu; Anqi Xu
    Focus Acoustics and Prosodic Organization in Hong Kong Cantonese and Taiwan Mandarin
Helen Gent
    F0 as a Cue for Irony in Spontaneous Speech
Ethan Sherr-Ziarko
    The Role of Prosody in the Perception of Formality in Japanese

Tue 6th Aug 15:05, Room 216, Forensic phonetics and speaker characteristics: Methodology 1

Isolde Wagner
    Examples of Casework in Forensic Speaker Comparison
Helen Fraser
    How 'enhanced' forensic audio is evaluated in criminal trials: What if all that really gets enhanced is the credibility of a misleading transcript?
Kirsty McDougall; Richard Rhodes; Martin Duckworth; Peter French; Christin Kirchhuebel
    Application of the 'TOFFA' framework to the analysis of disfluencies in forensic phonetic casework
Patricia Keating; Jody Kreiman; Abeer Alwan
    A new speech database for within- and between-speaker variability

Tue 6th Aug 15:05, Room 218, Speech acoustics: Nasals and nasalization

Marissa Barlaz; Ryan Shosted; Brad Sutton
    The effect of velopharyngeal aperture on acoustic measures
Eleanor Lewis
    New Caledonian French nasal vowels: An acoustic study
Jiahong Yuan; Hui Lin; Yang Liu
    Nasal Coarticulation in L1 and L2 English Speech: A Large-scale Study
Kevin McGowan; Michael Johnson; Aleah Combs; Mohammad Soleymanpour
    Acoustic, non-invasive measurement of velopharyngeal aperture using a high frequency tone

Wed 7th Aug 09:00, Plenary 3, Sound change: Social factors in phonetic change

María Del Saz
    From postaspiration to affrication: New phonetic contexts in Western Andalusian Spanish
Wim van Dommelen
    Is the voiceless palatal fricative disappearing from spoken Norwegian?
Jose A Mompean
    Diachronic change in /r/-sandhi? A real-time study at community and individual levels
Rachel Steindel Burdin
    Religion and Sound Change in Eastern New England English 

Wed 7th Aug 09:00, Room 216, Forensic phonetics and speaker characteristics: Methodology 2

Michael Carne; Shunichi Ishihara
    Disyllabic parameterisation of Vietnamese tonal F0 trajectories in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison
Robert Lennon; Leendert Plug; Erica Gold
    A comparison of multiple speech tempo measures: Inter-correlations and discriminating power
Emmanuel Ferragne; Cédric Gendrot; Thomas Pellegrini
    Towards phonetic interpretability in deep learning applied to voice comparison
Katharina Klug; Christin Kirchhübel; Paul Foulkes; Peter French
    Analysing breathy voice in forensic speaker comparison: Using acoustics to confirm perception

Wed 7th Aug 09:00, Room 218, Speech acoustics: clarity and noise

Amelia Gully; Paul Foulkes; Peter French; Philip Harrison; Vincent Hughes
    The Lombard Effect in MRI Noise
Outi Tuomainen; Valerie Hazan; Linda Taschenberger
    Speech communication in background noise: effects of aging
Azza Al Kendi; Ghada Khattab
    Acoustic Properties of Foreigner Directed Speech
Valerie Hazan; Outi Tuomainen; Jeesun Kim; Chris Davis
    The effect of visual cues on clear speech adaptations by older and young adults in a collaborative task

Wed 7th Aug 09:00, Room 219, Laboratory Phonology: Gestural timing

Jiyoung Lee; Sahyang Kim; Taehong Cho
    Effects of morphological structure on intergestural timing in different prosodic-structural contexts in Korean
Nicola Klingler; Felicitas Kleber; Markus Jochim; Michael Pucher; Stephan Schmid; Urban Zihlmann
    Temporal organization of vowel plus stop sequences in production and perception: evidence from the three major varieties of German
Sarah Harper
    The Relationship Between Gestural Timing and Magnitude for American English /l/ Across Speech Tasks
Hyunjung Joo; Jiyoung Jang; Ye Won Hong; Sahyang Kim; Taehong Cho; Anne Cutler
    Prosodic structural effects on coarticulatory vowel nasalization in Australian English in comparison to American English

Wed 7th Aug 09:00, Room 220, Prosody: Prominence and deaccentuation

Kiwako Ito; Elizabeth Kryszak
    Responses to prosodic emphasis in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Jillian Adkins; Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann; Melissa Redford
    Investigating metrical context effects on anticipatory coarticulation in connected speech development
Argyro Katsika; Karen Tsai
    The scope of prominence-induced lengthening in Greek
Elenmari Pletikos Olof; Julian Bradfield
    Standard Croatian pitch accent: fact and fiction

Wed 7th Aug 14:00, Plenary 3, Sociophonetics:Prosodic variation

Jeesun Kim; Chris Davis
    Investigating distinctiveness and individual variation in the expression of visual prosodic attitudes
Scott Moisik; Zhi Yun Dawn Poh; Dan Dediu
    Active adjustment of the cervical spine during pitch production compensates for shape: The ArtiVarK study
Anna Bothe Jespersen
    All rise? The perception of falls, rise-plateaux and simple rises in Belfast English
Yolanda Holt; Ewa Jacewicz; Robert Fox
    Sociocultural influences on fundamental frequency in vowels: The case of African American English
Beat Siebenhaar; Matthias Hahn
    Vowel space, speech rate and language space
Yu Chen; Ting Wang
    The effect of pitch on emotional prosody perception: evidence from behavioral experiments on autistic children and typically developing adolescents

Wed 7th Aug 14:00, Room 216, Applications of phonetics in clinical management

Hao Zhang; Jing Zhang; Hongwei Ding; Gang Peng
    Bimodal benefit in categorical perception of lexical tones for Mandarin-speaking children with cochlear implants
Jacob B. Phillips; Lenore A. Grenoble; Giovanna Hooton; Peggy Mason
    The role of somatosensation in perceptual recalibration from speech imagery 
Susan Lin; Margaret Cychosz; Alice Shen; Emily Cibelli
    The effects of phonetic training and visual feedback on novel contrast production
Frits van Brenk; Kris Tjaden; Alexander Kain
    Identifying Acoustic Causes of Speaker-Dependent Variation in Slowed Speech Intelligibility: A Hybridization Approach
Yan Feng; Yaru Meng; Gang Peng
    The categorical perception of Mandarin tones in normal aging seniors and seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Klaske van Sluis; Rob van Son; Marijn Kapitein; Paul Boersma
    The acoustic contrast between the Dutch consonants /t/ and /d/ is reduced in tracheoesophageal speech.

Wed 7th Aug 14:00, Room 217, Phonetics of L2: training

Lok Gi Iris Law; Izabelle Grenon; Chris Sheppard; John Archibald
    Which is better: Identification training or discrimination training for the acquisition of an English coda contrast
Haoyu Zhang; Yusuke Inoue; Daisuke Saito; Nobuaki Minematsu; Yutaka Yamauchi
    Computer-aided high variability phonetic training to improve robustness of learners' listening comprehension
Juli Cebrian; Angelica Carlet; Celia Gorba; Nuria Gavaldà
    Perceptual training affects L2 perception but not cross-linguistic perceived similarity
Joanne Jingwen Li; Samantha Ayala; Douglas Shiller; Tara McAllister
    Predictors of L2 vowel learning success under biofeedback training 
Daniel Tiong Jin Wee; Izabelle Grenon; Chris Sheppard; John Archibald
    Identification and discrimination training yield comparable results for contrasting vowels
Angelica Carlet
    Different high variability procedures for training L2 vowels and consonants

Wed 7th Aug 14:00, Room 218, Phonetics of L2: consonant production

Veronica Miatto; Silke Hamann; Paul Boersma
    Self-reported L2 input predicts phonetic variation in the adaptation of English final consonants into Italian
Magdalena Wrembel; Ulrike Gut; Iga Krzysik; Halina Lewandowska; Anna Balas
    Acquisition of rhotics by multilingual children
Amy Hutchinson; Olga Dmitrieva
    Stability of individual patterns in learning a second language voicing contrast
Mark Amengual; Lizzie Meredith; Talia Panelli
    Static and dynamic phonetic interactions in the L2 and L3 acquisition of Japanese velar voiceless stops
Anne Bonneau
    German obstruent sequences by French L2 learners
Christine Graeppi; Adrian Leemann
    Between-speaker variation in English learners' realisation of dental fricatives 

Wed 7th Aug 14:00, Room 219, Special session: Phoneticians in partnership with communities in language revitalization and maintenance
Organisers: Sonya Bird and Rosey Billington

Gloria Mellesmoen; Marianne Huijsmans
    The Relationship Between Pronunciation and Orthography: Using Acoustic Analysis as a Practical Illustration of ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Comox-Sliammon) Vowel Quality
Sky Onosson; Sonya Bird
    Differences in Vowel-Glide Production Between L1 and L2 Speakers of Hul'q'umi'num'
Hywel Stoakes; Catherine Watson; Peter Keegan; Margaret Maclagan; Jeanette King; Ray Harlow
    The Dynamics of Closing Diphthong Formant Trajectories in Te Reo Māori
Ailbhe Ní Chasaide; Neasa Ní Chiaráin; Harald Berthelsen; Christoph Wendler; Andy Murphy; Emily Barnes; Christer Gobl
    Leveraging phonetic and speech research for Irish language revitalisation and maintenance

Wed 7th Aug 14:00, Room 220, Prosodic boundaries

Marzena Zygis; John Tomlinson; Caterina Petrone; Dominik Pfütze
    Acoustic cues of prosodic boundaries in German at different speech rates
Yoko Mori
    Length-dependent prosodic phrasing in Japanese sentences
Kei Furukawa; Yuki Hirose
    Boundary-Driven Downstep in Japanese
Tina Bögel; Alice Turk
    Frequency effects and prosodic boundary strength
Jonny Jungyun Kim; Yuna Baek; Taehong Cho; Sahyang Kim
    Preboundary lengthening and boundary-related spatial expansion in Korean
Jiseung Kim
    Individual differences in the production of prosodic boundaries in American English

Wed 7th Aug 16:00, Plenary 3, Special session: Social priming in speech production and perception
Organisers: Jen Hay and Katie Drager

Dominique A. Bouavichith
    The role of socioindexical expectation in the perception of gay male speech
Eric Wilbanks
    Modeling the influence of confidence in social cues during speech perception using gaussian mixture models
Dominique A. Bouavichith; Ian Calloway; Justin T. Craft; Tamarae Hildebrandt; Stephen J. Tobin; Patrice Speeter Beddor
    Perceptual influences of social and linguistic priming are bidirectional
Molly Babel; Gloria Mellesmoen
    Perceptual adaptation to stereotyped accents in audio-visual speech

Wed 7th Aug 16:00, Room 216, Workshop: Quantitative approaches for characterizing atypical speech
Organisers: Michael Proctor, Martijn Weiling, Mark Tiede, Lucie Ménard, Christina Hagedorn and Eric S. Jackson

Anna Marczyk; Maria-Josep Solé
    Covariation of acoustic cues for voicing in aphasia and apraxia of speech
Marisha Speights Atkins; Suzanne Boyce; Joel MacAuslan; Noah Silbert
    Computer-assisted Syllable Complexity Analysis of Continuous Speech as a Measure of Child Speech Disorder
Jue Yu; Meiqi Zhang
    Lexical-tone production in prelingually deafened Mandarin-speaking children with cochlear implants
Ajish Kuriakose Abraham; Pushpavathi M; Sreedevi N; Navya A
    Exploring Acoustic Measures of Vowels (VSA, FCR3, VAI4, and VFR) in Children with Hearing Impairment
Jidde Jacobi; Teja Rebernik; Roel Jonkers; Ben Maassen; Michael Proctor; Martijn Wieling
    The Effect of Levodopa on Vowel Articulation in Parkinson's Disease: A Cross-Linguistic Study
Sarah Li; Hannah Woeste; Sarah Dugan; T. Douglas Mast; Michael A Riley; Colin Annand; Jack Masterson; Neeraja Mahalingam; Kathryn Eary; Caroline Spencer; Suzanne Boyce
    Differentiating Normal vs Misarticulated Tongue Trajectories from Ultrasound for Fast Automatic Articulatory Feedback

Wed 7th Aug 16:00, Room 217, Phonetics of L2: vowel production

Elinor Payne; Olga Maxwell; Ben Volchok
    Tense-lax contrasts in Indian English vowels: transfer effects from L1 Telugu at the phonetics-phonology interface
Fabian Santiago; Paolo Mairano
    Prosodic Effects on L2 French vowels: a corpus-based investigation
Qian Wang
    Stylistic Variation in Vowel Production: Evidence from China English
Aurora Troncoso-Ruiz; Mirjam Ernestus; Mirjam Broersma
    Learning to produce difficult L2 vowels: the effects of awareness-raising, exposure and feedback
Laura Cummings
    North Midland /u/-fronting and its Effect on Heritage Speakers of Spanish
Paolo Mairano; Caroline Bouzon; Marc Capliez; Valentina De Iacovo
    Acoustic distances, Pillai scores and LDA classification scores as metrics of L2 comprehensibility and nativelikeness

Wed 7th Aug 16:00, Room 218, Phonetic typology

Alexei Kochetov; Paul Arsenault; Jan Heegård Petersen
    A preliminary acoustic investigation of Kalasha retroflex (rhotic) vowels
Jianjing Kuang
    Contextual variation of glottalic stops in Q'anjob'al
San-Hei Kenny Luk; Daniel Pape
    Effects of acoustic manipulation on the perceptual stability of Canadian English isolated sibilants
Shelece Easterday
    Manner of articulation patterns in word-initial biconsonantal sequences: the effect of morphological context
Wai-Sum Lee
    Typology of the syllable-initial consonants in the Chinese dialects
Klaas Seinhorst; Paul Boersma; Silke Hamann
    Iterated distributional and lexicon-driven learning in a symmetric neural network explains the emergence of features and dispersion

Wed 7th Aug 16:00, Room 219, Speech acoustics: vowels and sonorants

Pärtel Lippus; Eva Liina Asu
    The timing and quality of diphthong components in spontaneous Estonian
Joppe Anna Pelzer; Paul Boersma
    Diphthongization in three regional varieties of Swedish
Sarah Bakst; Caroline Niziolek
    Does schwa have an auditory target? An altered auditory feedback study
Katrin Leppik; Pärtel Lippus; Eva Liina Asu
    The production of Estonian vowels in three quantity degrees by Spanish L1 speakers
David Weenink
    Fourier without formulas
Mitko Sabev; Elinor Payne
    A cross-varietal continuum of unstressed vowel reduction: evidence from Bulgarian and Turkish

Wed 7th Aug 16:00, Room 220, Speech acoustics: Phonation and laryngeal quality

Titia Benders; Katherine Demuth
    The learnability of the Nepali four-way stop-voicing contrast: Three categories are learnable despite hypo-articulation, but the fourth is adrift.
Amanda Dalola; Keiko Bridwell
    The Shape of [u]: Towards a Typology of Final Vowel Devoicing in Continental French
Celeste Guillemot; Seunghun Lee; Fuminobu Nishida
    An acoustic and articulatory study of Drenjongke fricatives
Katerina Nicolaidis; Anna Sfakianaki; George Vlahavas; George Kafentzis
    An acoustic study of Greek voiceless stops
Megan Keough; Donald Derrick; Ryan C. Taylor; Bryan Gick
    Learning effects in multimodal perception with real and simulated faces
Yingyi Zhou; James Kirby
    An Acoustic Study of Zhajin Gan Tone

Thu 8th Aug 12:00, Plenary 3, Sociophonetics: Sociophonetic perception

Tessa Bent; Yolanda Holt
    The influence of regional dialect variation on race categorization
William L. Schuerman; James M. McQueen; Antje Meyer
    Speaker statistical averageness modulates word recognition in adverse listening conditions
Jessica Nicholas; Zsuzsanna Fagyal; Christopher Carignan
    What's with your nasals? Perception of nasal vowel contrasts in two dialects of French
Robert Fox; Ewa Jacewicz
    Perceptual separation of spectrally overlapping vowels

Thu 8th Aug 12:00, Room 216, Phonetic psycholinguistics: General

Peter Hendrix; Ching Chu Sun
    A time-to-event analysis of auditory lexical decision data
Ryan Rhodes; Chao Han; Arild Hestvik
    Ad Hoc Phonetic Categorization and Prediction
Sieb Nooteboom; Hugo Quené
    Testing a theory of repairing segmental speech errors
Yu-Ying Chuang; Marie-lenka Vollmer; Elnaz Shafaei-Bajestan; Susanne Gahl; Peter Hendrix; R. Harald Baayen
    On the processing of nonwords in word naming and auditory lexical decision

Thu 8th Aug 12:00, Room 217, Phonetics of L2: perception and production

Annie Bergeron; Pavel Trofimovich
    Second language learners' appreciation, perception, and production of Québec French features
Jieun Song; Luke Martin; Paul Iverson
    Native and non-native speech recognition in noise: Neural measures of auditory and lexical processing
Charlie Nagle
    Perception, imitation, and production: Exploring a three-way perception-production link
Charlotte Vaughn; Melissa Baese-Berk
    Effects of talker order on accent ratings

Thu 8th Aug 12:00, Room 218, Speech corpora: analysing large corpora

Jeff Mielke; Erik R. Thomas; Josef Fruehwald; Michael McAuliffe; Morgan Sonderegger; Jane Stuart-Smith; Robin Dodsworth
    Age vectors vs. axes of intraspeaker variation in vowel formants measured automatically from several English speech corpora
Khia Johnson
    Probabilistic reduction in Spanish-English bilingual speech
Charles Redmon; Seulgi Shin; Panying Rong
    KU-ArtLex: A single-speaker EMA database for modeling the articulatory structure of the lexicon
Jane Stuart-Smith; Morgan Sonderegger; Rachel Macdonald; Jeff Mielke; Michael McAuliffe; Erik Thomas
    Large-scale acoustic analysis of dialectal and social factors in English /s/-retraction 

Thu 8th Aug 12:00, Room 219, AusPhon: Phonetics and phonology of Australian and Oceanic languages

Michael Carne; Juqiang Chen; Ellison Luk; Sydney Strangeways; Clara Stockigt; Robert Mailhammer; Mark Harvey
    Rhotic contrasts in Arabana
Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen; Carmel O'Shannessy
    A happy marriage: the stop and the affricate inventory of the mixed language Light Walpiri (Australia)
Caroline Crouch
    Acoustic properties of the lateral contrast in Ninde
Tihomir Rangelov
    The bilabial trills of Ahamb (Vanuatu): acoustic and articulatory properties

Thu 8th Aug 12:00, Room 220, Prosody: Annotation and analysis of intonation

Frank Kügler; Stefan Baumann; Bistra Andreeva; Bettina Braun; Martine Grice; Jana Neitsch; Oliver Niebuhr; Jörg Peters; Christine T. Röhr; Antje Schweitzer; Petra Wagner
    Annotation of German Intonation: DIMA compared with other annotation systems
Byron Ahn; Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel; Nanette Veilleux
    Annotating Prosody with PoLaR: Conventions for a Decompositional Annotation System
Antoin Eoin Rodgers
    The effects of anacrusis and footsize on prenuclear pitch accents in northern Irish English (Derry City)
Constantijn Kaland; Stefan Baumann
    Different functions of phrase-final F0 movements in spontaneous Papuan Malay

Thu 8th Aug 14:00, Plenary 3, Workshop: Scaling up phonetic analysis for the 21st century: Tools, opportunities, and challenges
Organisers: Jane Stuart-Smith, Morgan Sondegger and Yvan Rose

Raphael Winkelmann; Jonathan Harrington
    EMU-SDMS: R centric semi-automatic speech database processing and analysis
Michael McAuliffe; Arlie Coles; Michael Goodale; Sarah Mihuc; Michael Wagner; Jane Stuart-Smith; Morgan Sonderegger
    ISCAN: a system for integrated phonetic analyses across speech corpora
Robert Fromont
    Forced alignment of different language varieties using LaBB-CAT
Cedric Gendrot; Emmanuel Ferragne; Thomas Pellegrini
    Deep learning and voice comparison : phonetically-motivated vs. automatically-learned features
Patrycja Strycharczuk; Georgina Brown; Adrian Leemann; David Britain
    Investigating the FOOT-STRUT distinction in Northern Englishes using crowdsourced data

Thu 8th Aug 14:00, Room 216, Phonetic psycholinguistics: Cross-language

Laurence Bruggeman; Anne Cutler
    The dynamics of lexical activation and competition in bilinguals' first versus second language
Kaori Sugiura; Tomoko Hori
    Effect of Repeating Rhythmic Beats of Short Sentences on L2 Pronunciation of Japanese Learners of English
Shuangshuang Hu; Ao Chen; René Kager
    The role of pitch dimensions in non-word learning by Dutch and Mandarin listeners
Ching-Chu Sun; Peter Hendrix
    N-gram frequency effects on speech production in Mandarin Chinese
Mónica Wagner; Mirjam Broersma; James McQueen; Kristin Lemhöfer
    Imitating speech in an unfamiliar language and an unfamiliar non-native accent in the native language
Rory Turnbull; Sharon Peperkamp
    Across-language priming in bilinguals: Does English bet prime French bête?

Thu 8th Aug 14:00, Room 217, Special session: Phonetics of contact languages
Organisers: Nicole Rosen and Jesse Stewart

Nicole Rosen; Jesse Stewart; Michele Pesch-Johnson; Olivia Sammons
    Michif VOT
Stanislav Mulík; Mark Amengual; Gloria Avecilla-Ramírez; Haydée Carrasco-Ortíz
    An acoustic description of the vowel system of Santiago Mexquititlán Otomi (Hñäñho)
Robert Fuchs
    Almost [w]anishing: The elusive /v/-/w/ contrast in Educated Indian English
Jie Cui
    Initial simplification in Ho Ne: A Case of Ethnography-Informed Variationist Study in an Endangered Language Community

Thu 8th Aug 14:00, Room 218, Phonetic Neurolinguistics

Terri Scott; Laura Haenchen; Ayoub Daliri; Julia Chartove; Frank Guenther; Tyler Perrachione
    Speech motor adaptation during perturbed auditory feedback is enhanced by noninvasive brain stimulation
Liquan Liu; Varghese Peter; Gabrielle Weidemann
    A bilingual advantage in infant pitch processing
David Morris; John Tøndering; Nicolai Pharao
    The effect of attention on electrophysiological measures of syllable processing: contrastive features sorted according to secondary contrasts
Helene Loevenbruck; Romain Grandchamp; Lucile Rapin; Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti; Cédric Pichat; Célise Haldin; Emilie Cousin; Jean-Philippe Lachaux; Marion Dohen; Pascal Perrier; Maëva Garnier, Monica Baciu
    Neural correlates of inner speaking, imitating and hearing: An fMRI study
Jeffrey E. Kallay; Ulrich Mayr; Melissa A. Redford
    Characterizing the Coordination of Speech Production and Breathing
Ja Young Choi; Tyler Perrachione
    Rapid adaptation to talker-specific phonetic detail is disrupted by noninvasive brain stimulation

Thu 8th Aug 14:00, Room 219, Lesser documented languages: The phonetic structures of indigenous languages of the Asia-Pacific and South America

Sean Flamand; Darby Douros; Alan Yu
    An acoustic study of vowel harmony in Washo
Daniela Mena; Mauricio A. Figueroa Candia; Brandon Rogers; Gastón Salamanca
    Losing one allophone at a time: an acoustic and statistical study on Mapudungun's sixth vowel
Yoshio Saito; Yurong; Kikuo Maekawa
    An Investigation into Modern Mongolian Vowel Harmony Using Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Rael Stanley; David Bradley; Defen Yu; Marija Tabain
    An Acoustic Study of Vowels in Northern Lisu
Matthew Faytak; Jennifer Kuo; Shunjie Wang
    Lingual articulation of the Suzhou Chinese labial fricative vowels
Seunghun Lee; Shigeto Kawahara; Céleste Guillemot; Tomoko Monou
    The acoustic correlates of the four-way laryngeal contrast in Dränjongke stops

Thu 8th Aug 14:00, Room 220, Workshop: Interpreting acoustic measurements of voice quality
Organisers: Lisa Davidson and Marc Garellek

Jia Tian; Yipei Zhou; Jianjing Kuang
    Cross-linguistic Variation in the Phonetic Realization of Breathy Voice
Vincent Hughes; Amanda Cardoso; Paul Foulkes; Peter French; Amelia Gully; Philip Harrison
    Forensic voice comparison using long-term acoustic measures of laryngeal voice quality
Yoonjeong Lee; Jody Kreiman
    Within and between speaker variation in voices
Yaqian Huang
    The role of creaky voice attributes in Mandarin tonal perception

Thu 8th Aug 16:00, Plenary 3, Sociophonetics: Experimental sociophonetics

Angelika Braun; Christiane Schulz; Astrid Schmiedel
    Asperger autism and irony - a perception experiment
Iona Gessinger; Bernd Möbius; Nauman Fakhar; Eran Raveh; Ingmar Steiner
    A Wizard-of-Oz Experiment to Study Phonetic Accommodation in Human-Computer Interaction
Jennifer Nycz
    Linguistic and Social Factors Favoring Acquisition of Contrast in a New Dialect
Anne Cutler; LauraAnn Burchfield; Mark Antoniou
     A criterial interlocutor tally for successful talker adaptation?

Thu 8th Aug 16:00, Room 216, Multimodal phonetics: Prosodic and pragmatic features of non-referential co-speech gestures

Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel; Pilar Prieto
    Dimensionalizing co-speech gestures
Nuria Esteve-Gibert; Hélène Loevenbruck; Marion Dohen; Mariapaola D'Imperio
    Pre-schoolers use head gestures rather than duration or pitch range to signal narrow focus in French 
Patrick Louis Rohrer; Pilar Prieto; Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie
    Beat gestures and prosodic domain marking in French
Tamara Rathcke; Chia-Yuan Lin; Simone Falk; Simone Dalla Bella
    When language hits the beat: Synchronising movement to simple tonal and verbal stimuli

Thu 8th Aug 16:00, Room 217, Phonetics of L1: Input, learnability and production

Marzena Zygis; Marek Jaskula; Daniel Pape; Laura Koenig
    Production of Polish sibilants in the process of language acquisition
Sahyang Kim; Anqi Yang; Aoju Chen; Jiyoung Lee; Taehong Cho
    Developmental pathway of phonetic fine-tuning of phonological contrast in reference to information structure: The case of three-way contrastive stops in Korean
Paul Boersma
    Simulated distributional learning in deep Boltzmann machines leads to the emergence of discrete categories
Kateřina Chládková; Martina Černá; Nikola Paillereau; Radek Skarnitzl; Zuzana Oceláková
    Prenatal infant-directed speech: vowels and voice quality

Thu 8th Aug 16:00, Room 218, Laboratory Phonology: Vowels

Marie-Hélène Côté; Melanie Lancien
    The /ɛ/-/з/ contrast in Quebec French
Louise Ratko; Michael Proctor; Felicity Cox
    Onset - Vowel Articulatory Coordination - voiceless stops and vowel length
Jonathan Havenhill
    Articulatory strategies for back vowel fronting in American English
Sarah Tasker
    Not just /ɪ/ and /ə/: spelling predicts unstressed vowel quality in English

Thu 8th Aug 16:00, Room 219, Lesser documented languages: The phonetic structures of indigenous languages of Eurasia

Alexandre Arkhipov; Michael Daniel; Oleg Belyaev; George Moroz; John Esling
    A reinterpretation of lower-vocal-tract articulations in Caucasian languages
Jenna Conklin; Olga Dmitrieva
    Vowel Acoustics of Volga Tatar
Katri Hiovain; Juraj Šimko
    Durational patterns in Finnmark North Sámi quantity
Anton Kukhto
    Exceptional stress and reduced vowels in Munster Irish

Thu 8th Aug 16:00, Room 220, Prosody: Information structure

Eleanor Chodroff; Jennifer Cole
    The phonological and phonetic encoding of information status in American English nuclear accents
Petra Wagner; Nataliya Bryhadyr; Marin Schröer; Bogdan Ludusan
    Does information-structural acoustic prosody change under different visibility conditions?
Stefan Baumann; Jane Mertens; Janina Kalbertodt
    Informativeness and speaking style affect the realisation of nuclear and prenuclear accents in German
Timo Roettger; Michael Franke; Jennifer Cole
    Testing the relevance of prenuclear accents for predicting intonational meaning in German

Fri 9th Aug 09:00, Plenary 3, Sociophonetics: Consonant variation

Peter Gilles
    Using crowd-sourced data to analyse the ongoing merger of [ɕ] and [ʃ] in Luxembourgish
Ruaridh Purse
    The Articulatory Reality of Coronal Stop 'Deletion'
Marie-Anne Morand; Melissa Bruno; Nora Julmi; Sandra Schwab; Stephan Schmid
    The voicing of lenis plosives in Zurich German: a sociophonetic marker of (multi-)ethnolectal speech
Camilla Horslund
    VOT in loanwords in Finnish - Evidence for prevoicing of initial /b, d, g/
Andries Coetzee; Lorenzo García-Amaya; Jiseung Kim; Daan Wissing; Nicholas Henriksen
    Velar palatalization in Patagonian and South-African Afrikaans: language and settlement history in an expatriate community
Amanda Cardoso; Erez Levon; Devyani Sharma; Dominic Watt; Yang Ye
    Inter-speaker Variation and the Evaluation of British English Accents in Employment Contexts

Fri 9th Aug 09:00, Room 216, Phonetic psycholinguistics: Processing

Yaminah Carter; Sung-Joo Lim; Tyler Perrachione
    Talker continuity facilitates speech processing independent of listeners' expectations
Pierre Hallé; Juan Segui; Laura Manoiloff
    Monitoring CV syllables versus phonemes in internal speech
Alexandra Kapadia; Tyler Perrachione
    Processing costs imposed by talker variability do not scale with number of talkers
Kuniko Nielsen; Rebecca Scarborough
    Perceptual Target of Phonetic Accommodation: A Pattern within a Speaker's Phonetic System or the Raw Acoustic Signal?
Franziska Kruger
    A perceptual investigation into the laryngeal contrast for word-initial labial stops in the non-standard German variety, Upper Saxon
Sung-Joo Lim; Allen Qu; Jessica Tin; Tyler Perrachione
    Attentional reorientation explains processing costs associated with talker variability

Fri 9th Aug 09:00, Room 217, Prosody: Contact and bilingual prosody

Elisa Passoni; Esther de Leeuw; Erez Levon
    Two languages, two pitch ranges: The case of Japanese-English sequential bilinguals
Jörg Peters
    Fluency and speaking fundamental frequency in bilingual speakers of High and Low German
Shinobu Mizuguchi; Yukiko Nohta; Koichi Tateishi
    Perception of narrow focus by bilingual speakers
Mary Baltazani; Joanna Przedlacka; John Coleman
    Intonation in contact: Asia Minor Greek and Turkish.
Katharina Zahner; Jenny Yu
    Compensation strategies in non-native English and German
Anita Szakay; Eivind Torgersen
    A re-analysis of f0 in ethnic varieties of London English using REAPER

Fri 9th Aug 09:00, Room 218, Tone: L2 perception

Yachan Liang; Aoju Chen
    The perception of lexical tones in emotional speech by Dutch learners of Mandarin 
Juqiang Chen; Catherine Best; Mark Antoniou; Benjawan Kasisopa
    Cognitive factors in perception of Thai tones by naive Mandarin listeners
Ting Zou; Yiya Chen
    The roles of tonal and segmental information in spoken word recognition for L2 speakers: Evidence from Dutch learners of Mandarin
Kimiko Tsukada; Kaori Idemaru
    Learner vs. non-learner difference in the perception of Mandarin lexical tones: comparison of listeners from English and Japanese first language (L1) backgrounds
Seth Wiener; Timothy Murphy; Atul Goel; Michael Christel; Lori Holt
    Incidental learning of non-speech auditory analogs scaffolds second language learners' perception and production of Mandarin lexical tones

Fri 9th Aug 09:00, Room 219, Workshop: Computational approaches for documenting and analyzing oral languages
Organisers: Laurent Besacier, Alexis Michaud, Martine Adda-Decker, Gilles Adda, Stephen Bird, Graham Neubig, François Pellegrino, Sakriani Sakti and Mark Van de Velde

Emily Grabowski; Laura McPherson
    DAPPr: A (semi-)automated tool for vowel extraction and pitch annotation
Philippe Boula de Mareüil; Gilles Adda; Lori Lamel; Albert Rilliard; Frédéric Vernier
    A speaking atlas of minority languages of France: collection and analyses of dialectal data
Hannah Sarvasy; Jaydene Elvin; Weicong Li; Paola Escudero
    Vowel acoustics of Nungon, Papua New Guinea
Kevin Tang; Ryan Bennett
    Unite and conquer: Bootstrapping forced alignment tools for closely-related minority languages (Mayan)

Fri 9th Aug 09:00, Room 220, Laboratory Phonology: Articulation

Madeleine Oakley
    Articulation of L2 French mid and high vowels
Sawsan Alwabari
    An Ultrasound Study on Gradient Coarticulatory Pharyngealization and its Interaction with Phonemic Contrast
Naomi Miller; Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro; Jo Verhoeven
    Asymmetries in tongue-palate contact during speech
Andrea Deme; Márton Bartók; Tekla Etelka Gráczi; Tamás Gábor Csapó; Alexandra Markó
    Articulatory organization of geminates in Hungarian
Michael Dow; Mark Gibson; Charles Johnson
    Ultrasound and nasometric evidence for controlled high vowel nasalization in Montreal French
Bryan Gick; Chenhao Chiu; Erik Widing; Francois Roewer-Despres; Connor Mayer; Sidney Fels; Ian Stavness
    Quantal biomechanical effects in speech postures of the lips

Fri 9th Aug 12:00, Plenary 3, PANZE I: Short front vowels

Adele Gregory
    The [ae]nds of the earth: an investigation of the DRESS and TRAP vowels in Northern Queensland 
Gerard Docherty; Simon Gonzalez; Nathaniel Mitchell; Paul Foulkes
    An acoustic analysis of short front vowel realizations in the conversational style of young English speakers from Western Australia
Chloé Diskin; Debbie Loakes; Rosey Billington; Hywel Stoakes; Simón Gonzalez; Sam Kirkham
    The /el/-/ael/ merger in Australian English: Acoustic and articulatory insights
James Grama; Catherine Travis; Simon Gonzalez
    Initiation, progression, and conditioning of the short-front vowel shift in Australia

Fri 9th Aug 12:00, Room 216, Phonetics of emotion: Perceiving spoken emotion

Oliver Niebuhr; Radek Skarnitzl
    Measuring a speaker's acoustic correlates of pitch - but which? A contrastive analysis for perceived speaker charisma
Jesin James; Catherine Watson; Hywel Stoakes
    Influence of Prosodic features and semantics on secondary emotion production and perception
Jean-Luc Rouas; Takaaki Shochi; Marine Guerry; Albert Rilliard
    Categorisation of spoken social affects in Japanese: human vs. machine
Karina Evgrafova; Pavel Skrelin; Elmar Neuth
    Universal and language-specific patterns of perceiving emotions in children's speech: a cross-language German-Russian study

Fri 9th Aug 12:00, Room 217, Tone: Intonation

Cong Zhang
    Stacking and Unstacking Prosodies: The Production and Perception of Sentence Prosody in a Tonal Language
Suki Yiu
    Phonetic Evidence for Iambic/Trochaic Law Effects in Chaozhou
Muye Zhang; Christopher Geissler; Jason Shaw
    Gestural representations of tone in Mandarin: Evidence from timing alternations
Jing Shao; Lan Wang; Caicai Zhang
    Impaired talker recognition in Mandarin-speaking congenital amusics

Fri 9th Aug 12:00, Room 218, Production: variation

Michelle Cohn; Bruno Ferenc Segedin; Georgia Zellou
    Imitating Siri: Socially-mediated vocal alignment to device and human voices
Shuwen Chen; Peggy Pik Ki Mok
    Speech production of rhotics in highly proficient bilinguals: acoustic and articulatory measures
Julia Moreno
    [!] What's the name of it? [!]: The phonetic form of clicks in word search strategies in Glasgow
Zachary Jaggers; Melissa Baese-Berk
    Moments of moments: Acoustic phonetic character and within-category variability of the Basque three-sibilant contrast

Fri 9th Aug 12:00, Room 219, Production: speech timing and coordination

Shinichiro Sano
    The distribution of singleton/geminate consonants in spoken Japanese and its relation to preceding/following vowels
Takayuki Ito; Jean-Loup Caillet; Pascal Perrier
    Posture stabilisation of the tongue for speech: responses to mechanical perturbation
Malin Svensson Lundmark; Johan Frid
    Jaw movements in two tonal contexts
Miriam Oschkinat; Philip Hoole
    The effect of real-time temporal auditory feedback perturbation on the timing of syllable structure

Fri 9th Aug 12:00, Room 220, Voice quality

Akira Utsugi; Han Wang; Ichiro Ota
    A voice quality analysis of Japanese anime
Yuan Chai
    The Source of Creak in Mandarin Utterances
Joshua Penney; Felicity Cox; Anita Szakay
    Perception of coda voicing: Glottalisation, vowel duration, and silence
Christina Esposito; Sameer ud Dowla Khan; Kelly Harper Berkson; Max Nelson
    Distinguishing breathy consonants and vowels in Gujarati

Fri 9th Aug 14:00, Plenary 3, PANZE II: Contact and Change

Chloé Diskin; Debbie Loakes; Josh Clothier; Ben Volchok
    A sociophonetic analysis of vowels produced by female Irish migrants: Investigating second dialect contact in Melbourne
James Brand; Jennifer Hay; Lynn Clark; Kevin Watson; Márton Sóskuthy
    Systematic covariation of monophthongs across speakers of New Zealand English
Paul Warren
    Non-linear analysis of a diphthong merger
Josh Clothier
    A sociophonetic analysis of /l/ darkness and Lebanese Australian ethnic identity in Australian English
Dan Villarreal; Lynn Clark; Jennifer Hay
    Modelling gradience in English /r/ via statistical classification

Fri 9th Aug 14:00, Room 216, History and discipline of phonetics

Michael Ashby; Patricia Ashby; David Moore
    Australia's first phonetics laboratory (1913): its founder and its context
Pavel Šturm
    The contribution of Czech phonetics to laryngeal investigation
Asher Laufer
    The origin of the IPA schwa
Kelly Johanna Vera Diettes; Felipe Pulido Rodríguez; Javier Andrés Rayo Paloma; Julián David Muñoz Pico; Gina Marcela Pineda Mora
    Phonetics and phonology engagement: Evaluation of a productive disciplinary engagement approach
Uliana Kochetkova; Pavel Skrelin
    "Observer effect" in late 19th and early 20th century measurements of vowel characteristic tones

Fri 9th Aug 14:00, Room 217, Phonetics of L2: training and production of suprasegmentals

Zenghui Liu; Lei Zeng; Shufen Liang
    Parallel Encoding of Focus and Interrogative Meaning in Thai Learners' Mandarin
Sandra Schwab; Volker Dellwo
    Music and L2 prosody: the role of music aptitude on the discrimination of stress contrasts in L2
Andrea Peskova
    L2 Italian and L2 Spanish vocatives, produced by L1 Czech learners: Transfer and prosodic overgeneralization
Aprilia Sasmar Putri; Haoyan Ge; Aelish Hart; Virginia Yip; Aoju Chen
    The Effect of Explicit Training on Comprehension of English Focus-to-Prosody Mapping by Indonesian Learners of English
Chris Davis; Jeesun Kim
    Temporal variability in strong versus weak foreign accented speech
Antti Suni; Heini Kallio; Štefan Beňuš; Juraj Šimko
    Characterizing second language fluency with global wavelet spectrum

Fri 9th Aug 14:00, Room 218, Tone: general

Jonathan Barnes; Nanette Veilleux; Alejna Brugos; Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel
    The interaction of timing and scaling in a lexical tone system: an example from Shilluk
Hsuehchu Chen; Qian Wen Han
    The effectiveness of acoustic training on tone acquisition by Hong Kong learners of Mandarin
Anna Mai; Mai Moua; Marc Garellek
    Tone-tune association and voice quality in Green Mong folk songs
Zhousuo Qu; Cathryn Yang
    Acoustic Analysis of Tone in Benna Hani: Tone Sandhi and Neutralization in an Atypical Tibeto-Burman Language
Wei Lai; Mark Liberman; Qianxin He
    Compensation for F0 variation with vocal effort and vowel height in Cantonese tone perception
Jianjing Kuang; Jia Tian
    Tone Representation and Tone Processing in Shanghainese

Fri 9th Aug 14:00, Room 219, Phonetics-phonology: Phonological effects on segment production

Veno Volenec; Marko Liker
    Continuancy in nasal place assimilation: An electropalatographic study
Kikuo Maekawa
    A real-time MRI study of Japanese moraic nasal in utterance-final position
Indranil Dutta; Charles Redmon; Meghavarshini Krishnaswamy; Sarath Chandran; Nayana Raj
    Articulatory complexity and lexical contrast density in models of coronal coarticulation in Malayalam
Kamil Kazmierski
    Durational variation in Polish fricatives provides evidence for hybrid models of phonology
Alexei Kochetov; Matthew Faytak; Kiranpreet Nara
    Manner differences in the Punjabi dental-retroflex contrast: An ultrasound study of time-series data

Fri 9th Aug 14:00, Room 220, Tone: Mandarin Chinese

Yu-An Lu; Sang-Im Lee-Kim
    The role of redundant temporal cue on perceived vowel duration: evidence from tone language speakers
Thilanga Dilum Wewalaarachchi; Leher Singh
    The effects of vowel, consonant and tone competition on Mandarin lexical access: Evidence from monolingual and bilingual learners
Zhe-chen Guo; Shu-chen Ou
    The Use of Tonal Coarticulation in Speech Segmentation by Listeners of Mandarin
Tzu-Hsuan Yang; Shao-Jie Jin; Yu-An Lu
    The Effect of Mandarin Accidental Gaps on Perceptual Categorization
Irene Vogel; Angeliki Athanasopoulou; Chao Han; Yue Yuan
    How Perceptible is the Difference between Tone 3 and Tone 4 in Mandarin Chinese?
Shao-Jie Jin; Yu-An Lu
    The roles of duration, rhyme structure and frequency in Mandarin accidental gaps


Mon 5th Aug Laboratory phonology

Matthew Jay Carroll
    Prenasalised voiceless stops in Ngkolmpu
Daiki Hashimoto
    Exemplar Averaging of Phonetically Distinct Variants
Sheng-Fu Wang
    Velar syllabic nasal and its phonological interpretation in Taiwan Southern Min
Nief Al-Gamdi; Jalal Al-Tamimi; Ghada Khattab
    The Acoustic properties of Voicing Contrast in Najdi Arabic Initial Stops
Yang Yue; Fang Hu
    Phonetics and phonology of the -er suffix in the Hangzhou Wu Chinese dialect
Kenneth Olson
    Reanalyzing the Banda-Linda Vowel System
Lizbeth Gómez; Mauricio A. Figueroa; Gastón Salamanca
    Evidence of phonological /w/ and /j/ in Chilean Spanish: the case of "hi" and "hu" plus vowel

Mon 5th Aug Phonation and voice quality

Ocke-Schwen Bohn; Anne Ellegaard
    Perceptual assimilation and graded discrimination as predictors of identification accuracy for learners differing in L2 experience: The case of Danish learners' perception of English initial fricatives
Ludger Paschen
    Some remarks on the four-way phonation contrast in Bzhedugh Adyghe
Mechtild Tronnier
    Transitions from Vowels to Voiceless Stops in Swedish, Italian and German
Rebekka Puderbaugh
    Phonetics and phonotactics of vowel laryngealization in Upper Necaxa Totonac
Noah Elkins; Christina Esposito; Edwin Reyes Herrera
    The Phonetics of Anyuak Vowels
Thành Tấn Tạ; Marc Brunelle; Trần Quý Nguyễn
    Chrau register and the transphonologization of voicing
Phil Rose
    Tonatory Patterns in Taizhou Wu Tones
Kristine Yu
    Probing voice quality's contribution to tone perception: challenges for synthesis software

Mon 5th Aug Phonetic neurolinguistics

Jia Hoong Ong; Alice H. D. Chan
    Statistical learning among young and older adults: Similar yet different?
Jinghua Ou; Alan Yu
    Brainstem encoding of voice onset time: Preliminary findings
Simran Agarwal; Alba Tuninetti; Liquan Liu; Paola Escudero
    Neural sensitivity to linguistic and non-linguistic changes in naturally produced speech sounds: a comparison of different stimuli presentation paradigms

Mon 5th Aug Phonetic universals and typology

Lisa Sullivan; Yoonjung Kang
    Phonology of gender in English and French given names
Kristen Wing Yan Wong; Yoonjung Kang
    Sound Symbolism of Gender in Cantonese First Names
Haruko Miyakoda; Marina Oshita
    Sound symbolism and its effect in characters' names: a study on consonants

Mon 5th Aug Phonetics-phonology interface

Jonathan Yip; Diana Archangeli
    Articulatory and acoustic gradience in Sasak word-final stops /k, Ɂ/
Yevgeniy Melguy
    Phonetic strengthening or phonological substitution? An X-ray microbeam investigation of acoustic and articulatory variability in the production of American English dental fricatives 
Song Jiang; Yueh-chin Chang; Feng-fan Hsieh
    An EMA study of Er-suffixation in Northeastern Mandarin monophthongs
Joaquín Romero; Antonia Soler
    Patterns of constriction degree in Spanish heterorganic consonant sequences
Boram Kim; Mark Tiede; D. H. Whalen
    Evidence for Pivots in Tongue Movement for Diphthongs

Mon 5th Aug Phonetics of emotion

Elisabeth Zetterholm; Åsa Abelin
    Ungrammatical prosody does not hinder positive evaluations
Rachel Elizabeth Weissler; Julie E Boland
    Sounding Like a Stereotype: The influence of emotional prosody on race perception
Carlos Ishi; Takayuki Kanda
    Prosodic and voice quality analyses of offensive speech
Bogdan Ludusan; Petra Wagner
    No laughing matter: An investigation into the acoustic cues marking the use of laughter
Xinyue Li; Aaron Lee Albin; Carlos Ishi; Ryoko Hayashi
    Japanese emotional speech produced by Chinese learners and Japanese native speakers: differences in perception and voice quality

Mon 5th Aug Phonetics of first language acquisition

Jing Yang; Li Xu
    Do 3- to 4-year-old Mandarin-English bilinguals separate long-lag VOTs in these two languages?
Wafaa Alshangiti; Bronwen G. Evans; Mark Wibrow
    Learning to speak in a second language: Does multiple talker production benefit production of English vowels in Arabic children?
Ewa Jacewicz; Robert Fox
    Socially conditioned change in voiced stop consonants in Appalachian children
Kathleen McCarthy; Bronwen Evans
    The perception of familiar and unfamiliar accents by bilingual and monolingual children
Rosie Oxbury; Kathleen McCarthy
    Acquiring a multiethnolect: the production of diphthongs by children and adolescents in West London
Andrew Cheng
    Age of Arrival does not affect childhood immigrants' acquisition of ongoing sound change: Evidence from Korean Americans

Mon 5th Aug Phonetics of second and foreign language acquisition

Chen-Hsiu Grace Kuo
    Do working memory and autistic traits predict prosody perception?
Izabelle Grenon; Chris Sheppard; John Archibald
    Learning to perceive a non-native vowel contrast without listening: A first report
James Whang; Kakeru Yazawa; Paola Escudero
    Perception of Japanese vowel length by Australian English listeners
Amy Hutchinson; Joshua Weirick; Suzy Ahn; Olga Dmitrieva
    Language attitudes affect perceived intelligibility, proficiency, and accentedness of non-native speech
Yuanyuan Zhang; Hongwei Ding; Hui Zhang
    Do cognitive constraints drive second-language listeners' attention to prosodic information in speech?
José María Lahoz-Bengoechea; Paola Escudero; Alba Tuninetti
    Spoken word recognition by English-speaking learners of Spanish
Qi Zhang; Lei Wang
    Perception of American English junctures by Chinese EFL learners
Jian Gong; Zhenzhen Yang; Xiaoli Ji; Feng Wang
    Investigating the effectiveness of auditory training on Chinese learners' perception of English vowels
Henna Tamminen; Maija S. Peltola
    Speech sound perception in monolinguals, bilinguals and learners - Language background affects identification and discrimination differently
Lei Xi; Pillot-Loiseau Claire
    Acoustic and perceptive studies of Chinese learners producing three basic French intonation patterns
Jane Setter; Ngee Thai Yap; Vesna Stojanovik
    The perception of sentence stress in Malay and English
Sabine Zerbian; Giuseppina Turco
    Processing focus and accent across dialects
Dokyung Kwon; Tae Yeoub Jang
    A temporal feature of stressed syllables in native English and Korean EFL speech
Hyunjung Lee; Eun Jong Kong; Jeffrey Holliday
    An investigation of the effect of L1 dialect on the L2 perception of lexical stress
Yiling Chen; Ghada Khattab; Jalal-eddin Al-Tamimi
    The effect of explicit instruction and auditory/audio-visual training on Chinese learners' acquisition of English intonation
Charles Chang; Yao Yao
    Production of neutral tone in Mandarin by heritage, native, and second language speakers
Sarah Waldmann
    L2 rhythm effects on intelligibility
Cristina Herrero Fernández; Chengwei Xu; Shuyu Wang; Wentao Gu
    Perception of politeness in Mandarin speech by Spanish learners of Mandarin

Mon 5th Aug Sociophonetics and phonetic variation

Jessica Barlow; Philip Combiths
    Monolingual speech production in a bilingual context
Wladyslaw Cichocki; Sid-Ahmed Selouani; Yves Perreault
    Prosodic rhythm in regional varieties of French in New Brunswick (Canada)
Connor McCabe
    Engaging with robust cross-participant variability in an endangered minority variety: Intonation in Déise Irish
Folajimi Oyebola; Sin Yu Bonnie Ho; Zeyu Li
    A Sociophonetic Study on TH Variation in Educated Nigerian English
Cynthia Clopper; Laura Wagner
    Regional dialect intelligibility across the lifespan
Djegdjiga Amazouz; Martine Adda-Decker; Lori Lamel; Jean-Luc Gauvain
    Exploring consonant variation in French-Arabic code-switched speech: the case of the gemination
Wenling Cao
    Phonetic convergence of Hong Kong English: sound salience and the exemplar-based account
Xuan Wang
    Dialect contact across three generations: A sociophonetic analysis of variation in [ph, th, kh, h] in a contact variety in Hohhot, China
Yasuaki Shinohara; Chao Han; Arild Hestvik
    Effects of perceptual assimilation: The perception of English /æ/, /ʌ/, and /ɑ/ by Japanese speakers
Hwa-min Kim; Jeong-Sik Park; Tae-Yeoub Jang
    Novel Features of Vowel Space for Distinction of English L1 and L2 Speech
Adeiza Lasisi Isiaka; Jevgenij Zintchenko Jurlina; Sven Grawunder
    Can formant amplitude differences serve as indicators for L1-effects of ATR in varieties of English in West Africa?
Bowei Shao; Rachid Ridouane
    Apical vowel in Jixi-Hui Chinese: an articulatory study
Jiyeon Song; Amanda Dalola
    Crossing the Parallel: Effects of Gender and Length of Residence in North Korean Refugees' Back Vowels
Jaroslaw Weckwerth; Anna Balas
    Formant frequencies of Polish raised /ɛ/ and /a/ in palatal contexts
Chloe Brotherton; Michelle Cohn; Georgia Zellou; Santiago Barreda
    Sub-regional variation in positioning and degree of nasalization of /æ/ allophones in California

Mon 5th Aug Speech perception

James Kirby; Misnadin
    Perception of laryngeal contrast in Madurese
Geoff Schwartz; Ewelina Wojtkowiak; Bartosz Brzoza
    Beyond VOT in the Polish laryngeal contrast
Mirjam J.I. de Jonge; Isaura Aligbeh
    Duration as a voicing cue in Dutch
Meng Yang
    An asymmetric perceptual dependency between pitch and breathiness

Mon 5th Aug Speech production and articulatory phonetics

Henning Reetz; Simone Mikuteit; Lahiri Aditi
    Multiple functions of f0 in specifying the voicing, quantity and aspiration of East Bengali stops and affricates.
Adrian P. Simpson; Erika Brandt
    Detecting larynx movement in non-pulmonic consonants using dual-channel electroglottography
Elizabeth Bird; Marc Garellek
    Dynamics of voice quality over the course of the English utterance
Weijun Zhang; Wenwei Xu; Pik Ki Peggy Mok
    A Preliminary Study on the Age Variation of the Voicing Contrast in Wenzhou Wu Chinese
Jiyoung Jang; Sahyang Kim; Taehong Cho
    Prosodic-structural effects on voice quality associated with Korean three-way stop contrast
Christopher Geissler
    Tonal and laryngeal contrasts in Diaspora Tibetan

Mon 5th Aug Speech prosody

Jana Neitsch; Oliver Niebuhr
    Questions as prosodic configurations: How prosody and context shape the multiparametric nature of rhetorical questions in German
Zohreh Shiamizadeh; Johanneke Caspers; Niels Schiller
    When is a wh-in-situ question identified in standard Persian?
Mimi Tian; Albert Lee
    Burmese quotation intonation
Michiko Watanabe; Yusaku Korematsu
    Comparison of Factors Related to Clause-Initial Filler Probabilities in English and Japanese
Na Hu; Aoju Chen; Hugo Quené; Ted Sanders
    The Role of Prosody in Distinguishing Different Types of Causal Relations in English
Z.L. Zhou; Byron Ahn
    Is this in the phonology? Examining the intonational phonetics-phonology interface with American English polar questions
Chunyu Ge; Aijun Li
    Intonation of Cantonese interrogative sentences with and without sentence final particle
Li-Fang Lai
    Similar, but not the same: Neutral and confirmation-seeking questions in Mandarin
Irina Shport; Gregory Johnson
    On the relationship between syntactic and prosodic boundaries: Free relative clauses in Appalachian English
Katelyn Phillips; Joanne Arciuli; Kirrie Ballard
    Using MAUS to Investigate Children's Production of Lexical Stress
Heete Sahkai; Meelis Mihkla
    Intensity and spectral parameters as correlates of phrasal stress and word quantity in Estonian
Ting Huang; Donna Erickson
    Articulation of English "Prominence" by L1 (English) and L2 (French) speakers
Tae-Jin Yoon
    Segmental Effects on the Accentual Phrase in Korean
Bethany Sturman
    The emphatic juncture: A novel use of the IP boundary in English
Nuria Martínez García; Constantijn Kaland
    The prosody of repeated mentions in Yucatecan Spanish
Nadja Schauffler; Margaret Zellers; Sabine Zerbian
    Stress shift and prosodic focus marking in L1 and L2 English
Shi Yu; Sergio Hassid; Didier Demolin
    A phonetic study of subglottal pressure effects on stress and fundamental frequency
Piotr Gąsiorowski; Michał Jankowski; Krzysztof Sawala
    Levels of stress in English: their phonetic reality and phonological status

Tue 6th Aug Phonetic psycholinguistics

Rebecca Holt; Laurence Bruggeman; Katherine Demuth
    Visual speech cues improve children's processing speed in both quiet and noise
Frank Lorenz
    L2 Phoneme Categories, Lexical Access and Foreign-Accent
Johannah O'Mahony; Bernd Möbius
    An Investigation into Exemplar Effects in the Perceptual Learning Paradigm.
Seiya Funatsu; Masako Fujimoto
    The verbal transformation effect inJapanese
Chen Shen; Esther Janse
    Articulatory control in speech production
Diana Tomić; Vesna Mildner
    Phoneme awareness task - measure of quality of phonological representations
Thanh Lan Truong; Ulrike Schild; Claudia Friedrich; Andrea Weber
    Phonetic-to-lexical mapping in listening to adult and child speech
Nicole van Rootselaar; Marisa Lelekach; Fangfang Li; Claudia L.R. Gonzalez
    The effect of manual action on vowel production for nouns and verbs
Tasavat Trisitichoke; Shintaro Ando; Yusuke Inoue; Daisuke Saito; Nobuaki Minematsu
    Influence of content variations on smoothness of native speakers' reverse shadowing
John Kingston
    Lexical knowledge does not improve discriminability

Tue 6th Aug Phonetics of second and foreign language acquisition

Hiroki Fujita; Ruri Ueda; Ken-ichi Hashimoto
    Does repeated exposure to segmental sounds improve perceptual ability in non-native speakers?
Yanping Li; Catherine T. Best; Chong Cao; Jinsong Zhang
    Hybrid perceptual training to facilitate the learning of nasal final contrasts by highly proficient Japanese learners of Mandarin
Yongzhe Peng
    The perception of Mandarin sibilants by Japanese speakers: prediction by PAM
Sidsel Rasmussen; Ocke-Schwen Bohn
    Vowel context affects L2 Chinese learners' identification of postalveolar sibilants
Michael Tyler; Eléonore Clot; Marie-Sophie Villain-Bailly; Chotiga Pattamadilok
    Perceptual assimilation of English dental fricatives by native speakers of European French
María Teresa Martínez García; Jeffrey Holliday
    The perception of Korean stops by native speakers of Spanish
Juli Cebrian
    Perceptual asymmetries and lexical effects in L2 vowel discrimination
Galina Kedrova; Valentina Kolybasova
    Interference of L1 syllabification patterns in L2 speech of Chinese learners of Russian as foreign language
Christiane Ulbrich
    Convergence on the segmental and the suprasegmental level between native speakers and Spanish L2 learners of German
Katherine Marcoux; Mirjam Ernestus
    Pitch in Native and Non-Native Lombard Speech
Nina Hosseini-Kivanani; Stephen J. Tobin; Adamantios I. Gafos
    Phonetic accommodation in the fundamental frequency of Korean-English bilinguals and English monolinguals
Ralph Rose; Michiko Watanabe
    A crosslinguistic corpus study of silent and filled pauses: When do speakers use filled pauses to fill pauses?
Bingru Chen
    The effects of polysyllabic shortening and word/phrase boundary on duration patterns of English
Isadora Reynolds; Gillian Wigglesworth; Olga Maxwell
    Second language fluency: Re-thinking utterance fluency from a phonetics-phonology interface

Tue 6th Aug Sociophonetics and phonetic variation

Michaela Hejná
    A case study of menstrual cycle effects: global phonation or also local phonatory phenomena?
Liis Ermus; Meelis Mihkla
    Predictability of plosive reduction from written text in Estonian
Sabine Zerbian; Marlene Böttcher
    Stressed pronouns in German mono- and bilingual speech
Damien Hall
    Sociophonetics of the Le Havre accent
Coline Caillol; Emmanuel Ferragne
    The sociophonetics of British heavy metal music: T voicing and the FOOT-STRUT split
Kate Earnshaw; Erica Gold
    "We don't pronounce our t's around here": realisations of /t/ in West Yorkshire English
Betsy Pillion
    Acoustic Properties of Para-Phonemic Sounds: Clicks in American English
Caitlin Halfacre; Ghada Khattab
    North-South Dividers in privately educated speakers: a sociolinguistic study of Received Pronunciation using the FOOT-STRUT and TRAP-BATH distinctions in the North East and South East of England.
Sophie Holmes-Elliott; James Turner
    The emergence of gendered production between childhood and adolescence: A real time analysis of /s/ in Southern British English
Brandon Baird
    Language-Specific Pitch Ranges among K'ichee'-Spanish Simultaneous Bilinguals
Chun-Mei Chen
    Phonetics of voiceless stops and word-level prosody of Paiwan in urban migration communities
Maxwell Schmid; Evan Bradley
    Vocal pitch and intonation characteristics of those who are gender non-binary
Lotte Eijk; Mirjam Ernestus; Herbert Schriefers
    Alignment of Pitch and Articulation Rate
Matthias Hahn; Beat Siebenhaar
    Spatial Variation of Articulation Rate and Phonetic Reduction in Standard-Intended German
Valentina De Iacovo; Antonio Romano
    Intonation of Sicilian among Southern Italo-romance dialects
Janice Wing Sze Wong; Jung-Yueh Tu
    Pitch Characteristics and the Perception of Female Sexual Orientation in Cantonese
Olga Maxwell; Robert Fuchs
    Cross-dialectal speech processing: Perception of lexical stress by Indian English listeners

Tue 6th Aug Speech acoustics

Alexandra Markó; Márton Bartók; Tamás Gábor Csapó; Andrea Deme; Tekla Etelka Gráczi
    The effect of focal accent on vowels in Hungarian: Articulatory and acoustic data
Marie Dokovova; Mitko Sabev; James Scobbie; Robin Lickley; Steve Cowen
    Bulgarian Vowel Reduction in Unstressed Position: an Ultrasound and Acoustic Investigation
Sarah Babinski; Claire Bowern
    Phonetic variation across Australian languages
Brett Baker; Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen; Sarah Babinski; Janet Fletcher
    Acoustic correlates of lexical stress in Wubuy
Emanuela Buizza
    Maintaining contrast in reduced speech in Standard Southern British English

Tue 6th Aug Speech corpora and big data

Joanna Przedlacka; Mary Baltazani; John Coleman
    Intonational variation and diachrony: Greek contact varieties
Malte Belz; Jürgen Trouvain
    Are 'silent' pauses always silent?
Mafuyu Kitahara; Keiichi Tajima; Kiyoko Yoneyama
    The effect of lexical competition on realization of phonetic contrasts: A corpus study of the voicing contrast in Japanese

Tue 6th Aug Speech perception

Mohd Hilmi Hamzah; Janet Fletcher; John Hajek
    The secondary roles of amplitude and F0 in the perception of word-initial geminates in Kelantan Malay
Hinako Masuda
    Task differences in the identification of English consonants in noise by Japanese listeners
Alexander Kilpatrick; Shigeto Kawahara; Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen; Brett Baker; Janet Fletcher
    Predictability, Word Frequency and Japanese Perceptual Epenthesis
Haruka Tada; Izabelle Grenon
    Can Japanese listeners perceive a difference between an underlying glide and an epenthetic glide?
Amanda Rysling; John Kingston
    Sibilant and non-sibilant fricatives are parsed alike
Maya Barzilai
    Acoustic Salience and Naturalness in Vowel Recall
Kofi Adu Manyah
    Non-native speakers' identification of lexical tone contrasts
Debbie Loakes; Paola Escudero; Josh Clothier; John Hajek
    Tracking vowel categorisation behaviour longitudinally: A study across three x three year increments (2012, 2015, 2018)
Yao Lu; Jiangping Kong
    A categorical Perceptual Study on Mandarin Tones by Zaiwa language speakers
Natsuya Yoshida; Mafuyu Kitahara; Ayako S.Shirose
    Vowel devoicing in Tokyo Japanese: its lexical status

Tue 6th Aug Speech production and articulatory phonetics

Anastasiia Tsukanova; Ioannis Douros; Anastasia Shimorina; Yves Laprie
    Can static vocal tract positions represent articulatory targets in continuous speech? Matching static MRI captures against real-time MRI for the French language
Mitsuhiro Nakamura
    Exploring temporal characteristics of lingual gestures in American English /l/
Maho Morimoto; Tatsuya Kitamura
    Articulation of geminated liquids in Japanese
Tunde Szalay; Titia Benders; Felicity Cox; Michael Proctor
    Lingual configuration of Australian English /l/
Jo Verhoeven; Peter Mariën; Ilke De Clerck; Luc Daems; Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro; Naomi Miller
    Asymmetries in speech articulation as reflected on palatograms: a meta-study
Guillaume Barbier; Shari Baum; Lucie Menard; Douglas Shiller
    Speech adaptation to palatal perturbation: Evidence for sensorimotor reorganization across the workspace
Kristin Teplansky; Brian Tsang; Jun Wang
    Tongue and Lip Motion Patterns in Voiced, Whispered, and Silent Vowel Production
Daejin Kim; Caroline Smith
    Phonetic conditioning of word frequency and contextual predictability effects in American English conversational speech

Tue 6th Aug Speech prosody

Stella Gryllia; Mary Baltazani; Amalia Arvaniti
    Evidence for the compositionality of tunes and intonational meaning
Jessica Siddins; Ineke Mennen
    Pitch accent realisation in Austrian German
Manami Hirayama; Hyun Kyung Hwang; Takaomi Kato
    Lexical category in downstep in Japanese
Hui-Yu Chien; Janice Fon
    Are Nuclear Accents Easier to Acquire than Prenuclear Accents? — Using Peak Alignment in advanced Mandarin EFL Learners as an Example
Luigi (Yu-Cheng) Liu; Anne Lacheret-Dujour; Nicolas Obin
    Automatic modelling and labelling of speech prosody: what's new with SLAM+?
Judith Manzoni
    Prosody in Luxembourgish: the example of nuclear falling contours
Constantijn Kaland; Nikolaus P. Himmelmann; Angela Kluge
    Stress predictors in a Papuan Malay random forest
Mingqiong Luo
    Durational Reflexes of Syllable Structure in Shanghai Chinese (SH)
Boikanyego Sebina; Jane Setter; Clare Wright
    The Penultimate Syllable Vowel Length among Setswana-English Bilingual Children.
Jeremy Steffman
    Testing the influence of distal rhythmic structure on listeners' perception of durational cues
Radek Skarnitzl; Jan Volín
    The effect of durational cues on the reassignment of a syllable in the metrical structure of Czech sentences
Christine Prechtel
    Quantifying Macro-rhythm in English and Spanish
Noriko Hattori
    Two Kinds of Metrical Shifts in English Text-setting
Chengxia Wang; Yi Xu; Jinsong Zhang
    Mandarin and English use different temporal means to mark major prosodic boundaries
Shigeaki Amano; Kimiko Yamakawa; Mariko Kondo
    Logarithmic duration to predict and discriminate singleton and geminate consonants in Japanese
Shu-chen Ou; Zhe-chen Guo
    The role of initial F0 rise in speech segmentation: a cross-linguistic study
C. T. Justine Hui; Yukiko Sugiyama; Takayuki Arai
    Effect of frequency discrimination ability of elderly listeners on Japanese pitch accent pairs
Jesse Harris; Sun-Ah Jun
    Using pupillometry to assess prosodic alignment in language comprehension
Lu Liu; Bei Wang
    Effect of Boundary Strength on Post-focus-compression (PFC) in Mandarin: Comparing Single and Dual Focus
Una Y. Chow; Stephen J. Winters
    Native, Naïve, and Exemplar-based Perception of Statement and Question Intonation in Cantonese and Mandarin
Luma da Silva Miranda; João Antônio de Moraes; Albert Rilliard
    Audiovisual perception of wh-questions and wh-exclamations in Brazilian Portuguese
Riccardo Orrico; Renata Savy; Mariapaola D'Imperio
    The perception of speaker certainty in Salerno Italian intonation
Oyedeji Musiliyu; Annie C. Gilbert; Shari R. Baum; Miguel Oliveira Jr.
    Electrophysiological correlates of prosodic boundaries at different levels in Brazilian Portuguese.

Tue 6th Aug Speech technology

Dafydd Gibbon
    CRAFT: A Multifunction Online Platform for Speech Prosody Visualisation
Sabrina Jenne; Antje Schweitzer; Sabine Zerbian; Ngoc Thang Vu
    Phonological Error Detection for Pronunciation Training Using Neural Spectrogram Recognition
Ioannis K. Douros; Pierre-André Vuissoz; Yves Laprie
    Comparison between 2D and 3D simulation models for speech production: a study of French vowels
Marie Jeanneteau; Noel Hanna; Andre Almeida; John Smith; Joe Wolfe
    Open source real-time acoustic excitation technique for vocal tract resonance estimation at the lips
Emily Lau; Yi Xu
    Toward Predictive Modelling for AM Theory of Intonation
Beiming Cao; Alan Wisler; Jun Wang
    Is Articulation-to-Speech Synthesis Language Independent? A Pilot Study
Maryam Al Dabel; Jon Barker
    An Optimisation Approach for Enhancing Speech Intelligibility Using Time-varying Spectral Shaping in Noise

Wed 7th Aug Clinical phonetics

Ivana Didirkova; Sébastien Le Maguer; Fabrice Hirsch; Dodji Gbedahou
    Articulatory behaviour during disfluencies in stuttered speech
Marziye Eshghi; Brian Richburg; Yana Yunusova; Jordan R. Green
    Instrumental evaluation of velopharyngeal dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 
Maria Wolters; Alex Cohen; Kristin Nicodemus
    Distinct Prosodic Correlates for Nine Dimensions of Mental Health Symptoms
Ping Tang; Nan Xu Rattanasone; Ivan Yuen; Liqun Gao; Katherine Demuth
    The representation of tone sandhi by children with cochlear implants
Caroline Menezes; Marisa Lucarelli; Taylor Koesters; Kristen Ruta; Alexis Rymers; Kassidy Turshon
    Articulating a Female Vowel: Transition from Male-to-Female Gender
Li Bin; Matthew Kelley; Daniel Aalto; Benjamin Tucker
    Automatic speech intelligibility scoring of head and neck cancer patients with deep neural networks
Maria Francisca de Paula Soares
    A comparison on vowel production after two speech therapy approaches
Aijun Li; Zhiqiang Li
    Spectral Analysis of Sibilant Fricatives and the Ling Sound Test for Speakers of Chinese Dialects
Anja Kuschmann; Frits van Brenk
    Acoustic characterization of dysarthria in children with cerebral palsy: Exploring age-related effects
Adirek Munthuli; Thanaporn Anansiripinyo; Weerakul Silakorn; Chutamanee Onsuwan; Jarun Ngamvirojcharoen; Thuchakorn Vachiramon; Charturong Tantibundhit
    Assessment of Phonological Awareness in Thai Children at Risk for Learning Disabilities
Beiming Cao; Brian Tsang; Jun Wang
    Comparing the Performance of Individual Articulatory Flesh Points for Articulation-to-Speech Synthesis
Vass Verkhodanova; Matt Coler; Wander Lowie; Roel Jonkers; Cornelis de Bot; Wander Lowie
    Prosodic Changes in the Speech of a Single Speaker with Parkinson's Disease
Corinne Fredouille; Alain Ghio; Muriel Lalain; Imed Laaridh; Virginie Woisard
    Acoustic-phonetic decoding for speech intelligibility evaluation in the context of Head and Neck Cancers
Yu Zhang; Suju Wang; Yingying Shang
    Processing speaker variability in Mandarin spoken word recognition: A clinical exploration.
Anneke Slis; Maeva Garnier; Anaïs Da Fonseca; Christophe Savariaux
    Glottal Characteristics of People who Stutter and the Interactions with Syllable Complexity.

Wed 7th Aug Forensic phonetics

Bruce Xiao Wang; Vincent Hughes; Paul Foulkes
    Effect of score sampling on system stability in likelihood ratio based forensic voice comparison
Hinako Masuda; Yusuke Hioka; Jesin James; Catherine Watson
    Protecting speech privacy from native/non-native listeners - effect of masker type
Yu Zhang; Lei He; Volker Dellwo
    Speaker individuality in the durational characteristics of voiced intervals: the case of Chinese bi-dialectal speakers
Vincent Hughes; Philip Harrison; Paul Foulkes; Peter French; Amelia Gully
    Effects of formant analysis settings and channel mismatch on semi-automatic forensic voice comparison
Sophia Fiedler; Caroline Keller; Adriana Hanulikova
    Social expectations and intelligibility of Arabic-accented speech in noise
Sula Ross; Kate Earnshaw; Erica Gold
    A cautionary tale for phonetic analysis: the variability of speech between and within recording sessions

Wed 7th Aug Phonetics of first language acquisition

Graham McKenzie; Fangfang Li
    A Cross-Language Comparison of VOT Development in English- and Mandarin-speaking Children and Adolescents
Phil Howson; Melissa Redford
    Liquid coarticulation in child and adult speech
Casey Ford; Marija Tabain
    Spectral features of voiceless fricatives produced by Australian English-speaking children
Isabel Guimaraes; Mariana Ascensão; Margarida Grilo
    Speech sounds data for typically developing European Portuguese children 6-9;11 years old
Jue Yu; Xinyu Xia
    Production of Mandarin stop consonants in prelingually deafened children with cochlear implants
Margaret Cychosz
    Holistic lexical storage: Coarticulatory evidence from child speech
Xunan Huang; Yu Zuo; Caicai Zhang
    Seven-year-olds reach an adult-like productivity in the application of Mandarin tone sandhi
Diana Tomić; Marija Fabek Subotić
    Speech sound development of Croatian children at the age of 3
Nari Rhee; Aoju Chen; Jianjing Kuang
    Integration of spectral cues in the development of Mandarin tone production
Daniela Mueller; Enkeleida Kapia
    Children's perception of the Albanian dark-clear lateral contrast
Mariia Pronina; Iris Hübscher; Ingrid Vilà-Giménez; Pilar Prieto
    A new tool to assess pragmatic prosody in children: Evidence from 3- to 4-year-olds
Melanie Weirich; Adrian Simpson; Christine Ericsdotter Nordgren; Jasmine Öjbro
    Effects of gender, parental role and speech material on infant-directed speech in Swedish
Hannah Sarvasy; Jaydene Elvin; Weicong Li; Paola Escudero
    An acoustic analysis of Nungon vowels in child- versus adult-directed speech
Sonia Frota; Joseph Butler; Catia Severino; Ertugrul Uysal; Marina Vigario
    Infant perception of prosodic boundaries without the pause cue: An eye-tracking study

Wed 7th Aug Phonetics of second and foreign language acquisition

Erika Brandt; Bistra Andreeva; Bernd Möbius
    Information density and vowel dispersion in the productions of Bulgarian L2 speakers of German
Shuju Shi; Chilin Shih
    Acoustic Analysis of L1 Influence on L2 Pronunciation Errors: A Case Study of Accented English Speech by Chinese Learners
Tsuneo Kato; Fumika Mizutani; Yuumi Mizukoshi; Kohei Kitamura; Seiichi Yamamoto
    Analysis of L2 English vowel production by native Japanese children in domestic elementary school
Ronaldo Lima Jr
    A longitudinal study on the acquisition of six English vowels by Brazilian learners
Sarah Bakst; Caroline Niziolek
    Self-correction in L1 and L2 vowel production
Jaekoo Kang; Nam Hosung; Wei-Rong Chen; D. H. Whalen
    Benign vs. harmful variability in second language vowel production

Wed 7th Aug Phonetics of sound change

Ildiko Emese Szabo
    Phonetic selectivity in accommodation: The effect of chronological age
Mary Stevens; Debbie Loakes
    Individual differences and sound change actuation: evidence from imitation and perception of English /str/
Alyssa Strickler
    Within-speaker perception and production of dialectal /aɪ/-raising
Catherine Watson; Elaine Ballard; Brooke Ross; Helen Charters
    Divergence of FACE and TRAP in Auckland English:  a potential regional sound change in New Zealand English
Jungah Lee; Charlotte Vaughn; Kaori Idemaru
    Production and perception of North and South Korean Vowels: A pilot study
Eun Jong Kong; Jieun Kang
    Cross-generational perception of non-front vowels in Seoul Korean
Roxana Fung; Ka Chun Lee
    Cantonese vowel merger-in-progress

Wed 7th Aug Sociophonetics and phonetic variation

Connie Ting; Yoonjung Kang
    The Effect of Habitual Speech Rate on Speaker-Specific Processing in English Stop Voicing Perception
Zack Jones; Cynthia Clopper
    Influences of listener demographics on the processing of phonetic variation
Daniel Fogerty
    The perceptual contribution of consonants and vowels to sentence recognition: Effect of dialect variation in American English
Anita Szakay; Ksenia Gnevsheva; Sandra Jansen
    Lexical access by L1 and L2 mono- and bidialectal listeners
Misaki Kato; Kaori Idemaru; Kimiko Tsukada
    Acoustic characteristics of foreign accent in L2 Japanese: A cross-sectional study

Wed 7th Aug Special poster session: Phonetic acquisition in contexts of high phonetic variation: The case of laryngeal contrasts in stops
Organisers: Reiko Mazuka and Mary Beckman

Hyun Kyung Hwang; Reiko Mazuka
    Shift of voice onset time and enhancement in Japanese infant-directed speech
Youngon Choi; Minji Nam; Reiko Mazuka; Hyun-Kyung Hwang; Naoto Yamane
    Korean mothers' production of laryngeal stops to their infants as compared with adults in the context of tonogenesis
Chutamanee Onsuwan; Juthatip Duangmal; Nawasri Chonmahatrakul; Naoto Yamane; Hyun Kyung Hwang; Reiko Mazuka
    Stability of acoustic cues of the three-way voicing contrast in Thai mothers' stop production
Maida Percival
    Contextual variation in the acoustics of Hul'q'umi'num' ejective stops

Wed 7th Aug Speech acoustics

Ziyad Rakan Kasim
    An Acoustic Investigation of the Glottal Stop in Arabic
Lauren Gawne; Rael Stanley; Amos Teo
    Revisiting tones in Melamchi Yolmo
Ewelina Wojtkowiak; Geoff Schwartz
    Prosody-segment interaction in the acoustics of Polish plosives
Christer Gobl; Irena Yanushevskaya; Andy Murphy; Ailbhe Ní Chasaide
    Comparison of time and frequency domain measures of the voice source
Amber Camp; Nozomi Tanaka
    Integration of structural probability in speech production: Evidence from Japanese relative clauses
Julie Saigusa; Valerie Hazan
    The effect of temporally fluctuating maskers on speech production and communication

Wed 7th Aug Speech production and articulatory phonetics

Christina Esposito
    Laryngealized Vowels in Two Zapotec Languages 
Ioannis K. Douros; Pierre-André Vuissoz; Yves Laprie
    Effect of head posture on phonation of French vowels
Noor Al-Zanoon; Angela Cullum; Jacqueline Cummine; Caroline Jeffery; Bill Hodgetts; Daniel Aalto
    The role of somatosensory feedback in the production of the English vowel /i/ in females
Takayuki Arai
    Comparison between halfway realistic-looking physical models of human vocal tract
Chelsea Sanker
    Effects of coda voicing on vowel phonation
Sang-Im Lee-Kim
    Effects of orthographic input on L2 production: the case of Korean-speaking learners of Mandarin Chinese
Wenxun Fu; Barbara Kühnert; Pillot-Loiseau Claire; Simone Falk
    The effects of imitation and synchronization on the pronunciation of selected phonemes in L2 English and German:a pilot study
Kiranpreet Nara
    Imitation of Mandarin tones by L2 Mandarin learners
Yu-Ying Chuang; Janice Fon
    Can degree of bilingualism help sustain a difficult sound? – Using Taiwan Mandarin zh as an example
Joseph Casillas
    Semantic processing triggers cross-linguistic interference during early phonetic category development
Stephen Tobin; Mark Gibson; Stavroula Sotiropoulou; Adamantios I. Gafos
    Articulatory Coordination in L2-Speakers of Spanish
Amanda Post da Silveira; Judith Varkevisser
    Sex differences in vocalic duration production in L1 and L2

Wed 7th Aug Speech prosody

Akihito Desaki
    The use of pitch and duration on new and given information by native and non-native speakers of English and its pedagogical implications
Nigel Ward; James Jodoin
    A prosodic configuration that conveys positive assessment in American English
Sally Chen; Janice Fon
    Declination of Read Speech in L1 and L2 English
Hong Zhang; Mark Liberman
    The syntactic, semantic, topic and socioeconomic effects on silent pause distribution
Valentina Colonna; Antonio Romano; Valentina De Iacovo
    Prosodic features of the Italian poetry: a phonetic study on some readings 
Raoul Gucek; David Le Gac
    Prosodic manifestations of politeness in Porteño Spanish wh-interrogatives: terminal contours, F0 mitigation and syllable durations
Shizuka Nakamura; Carlos Toshinori Ishi; Tatsuya Kawahara
    Prosodic characteristics of Japanese newscaster speech for different speaking situations
Hannah Leykum
    Acoustic Characteristics of Verbal Irony in Standard Austrian German
Johanna Stahnke
    Cross-linguistic prosodic influence in bilingual language acquisition: a qualitative case study
Emer Gilmartin; Mingzhu Yu; Diane J Litman
    Comparing Speech, Silence, and Overlap Dynamics in a Task-based Game and Casual Conversation
Alejna Brugos; Alison Langston; Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel; Nanette Veilleux
    A cue-based approach to prosodic disfluency annotation
Simon Busch-Moreno; Jyrki Tuomainen; David Vinson
    Effects of Trait Anxiety on Semantic and Prosodic Processing
Hohsien Pan; Hsiao Tung Huang; Shao-ren Lyu
    The occurrence of Taiwanese Min juncture tones before prosodic boundaries and modification marker
Kenan Celik; Natsuko Nakagawa
    Two types of falling word-tone in Shiraho, Yaeyama, Southern Ryukyuan
Vivian Guo Li; Peggy Mok
    /a-a/ and /i-i/ at three junctures in Cantonese
Wim van Dommelen; Dorothee Beermann
    Tonal properties of the Akan particle na
Khantaphon Chaiyo; Yi Xu; Santitham Prom-on
    Time Delays in Tone Production: A Computational Study of Thai Tones
Hongmei Li; Sahyang Kim; Taehong Cho
    Language-specific prosodic structural modulation of coarticulatory vowel nasalization in #NV and CVN# in Mandarin Chinese

Thu 8th Aug Field methods in phonetics

Pierre Badin; Marija Tabain; Laurent Lamalle
    Comparative study of coarticulation in a multilingual speaker: preliminary results from MRI data
Luke Horo
    Vowel dispersion as a cue for prominence in Sora

Thu 8th Aug Laboratory phonology

Zhenrui Zhang; Fang Hu
    Vowels and diphthongs in the Changde Mandarin Chinese
Wael Almurashi; Jalal Al-Tamimi; Ghada Khattab
    Static and Dynamic Cues in Vowel Production in Hijazi Arabic
Melanie Lancien; Marie-Hélène Côté
    Intrusive vowels preceding /R/ in Quebec French
Rita Demasi; Didier Demolin; Angélique Amelot; Lise Crevier-Buchman
    A nasofiberscopic study of nasalized diphthongs in Brazilian Portuguese
Bryn Hauk; Jacob Hakim
    Acoustic properties of singleton and geminate ejective stops in Tsova-Tush
Kevin Roon; D. H. Whalen
    Velarization of Russian labial consonants
Ai Mizoguchi; Mark Tiede; Doug Whalen
    Production of the Japanese moraic nasal /N/ by speakers of English: An ultrasound study
Jennifer Bellik
    The effect of speech style and deaccentuation on vowel intrusion in Turkish complex onsets

Thu 8th Aug Multimodal phonetics

Ioannis K. Douros; Pierre-André Vuissoz; Yves Laprie
    Acoustic impacts of geometric approximation at the level of velum and epiglottis on French vowels
Donald Derrick; Matthias Heyne; Greg O'Beirne; Jennifer Hay
    Aero-tactile integration in Mandarin
Michaela Pernon; Maryll Fournet; Cécile Fougeron; Marina Laganaro
    Dual-task effects on speech and non-verbal tasks according to tasks properties
Rintaro Ogane; Jean-Luc Schwartz; Takayuki Ito
    Orofacial somatosensory effects for the word segmentation judgement
Noriko Yamane; Masahiro Shinya; Brian Teaman; Marina Ogawa; Soushi Akahoshi
    Mirroring Beat Gestures: Effects on EFL learners
Lieke van Maastricht; Marieke Hoetjes; Lisette van der Heijden
    Multimodal training facilitates L2 phoneme acquisition: An acoustic analysis of Dutch learners' segment production in Spanish
Shanpeng Li; Wentao Gu
    Multimodal Perception of Praising and Blaming Mandarin Speech between the Interlocutors with Friendly or Hostile Relationships

Thu 8th Aug Phonetics-phonology interface

Vered Silber-Varod; Natalie Khorshidi; Liron Levi; Noam Amir
    The Influence of lexical stress on formant values in spontaneous Hebrew speech
Michinori Suzuki; Seunghun Lee
    Production and perception of dental vs. alveolar contrast in Tshivenda
Ryan Bennett; Jaye Padgett; Máire Ní Chiosáin; Grant McGuire; Jennifer Bellik
    Contrast enhancement and cue trading in Irish secondary consonant articulations
Michael Fiddler
    Phonetic characteristics of devoiced vowels in Uyghur
Thomas Kettig
    Spectral coarticulation in Hawaiian /aV/ and /aCV/ sequences
Toshio Matsuura
    Weak but continuous geminate voicing in Yamagata Japanese
Silke Hamann; Veronica Miatto; Laura J. Downing
    Duration of vowels before homorganic nasal-obstruent sequences in Tumbuka

Thu 8th Aug Phonetics of lesser documented and endangered languages

Matthew Gordon; Françoise Rose
    Acoustic correlates of metrical prominence in Mojeño Trinitario
Yike Yang; Si Chen; Kechun Li
    Effects of Focus on Duration and Intensity in Chongming Chinese
Elena Mihas; Olga Maxwell
    Phonetic exponence of word-level stress in Ashaninka (Arawak)
Qianwen Han; Wai-Sum Lee
    Formant analysis of the vowels in Taizhou Chinese
Jesse Stewart; Martine Bruil; Eduardo Portilla Hernandez
    Loosely structured role-playing events as a means to elicit intonation patterns in the Field
Jaydene Elvin; John Simonian; John Boyle; Paola Escudero
    An acoustic phonetic description of vowels in Crow (Apsáalooke)
Sally Akevai Nicholas; Rolando Coto-Solano
    Glottal variation, teacher training, and language revitalisation in the Cook Islands
James Kirby; Gwendolyn Hyslop
    Acoustic analysis of onset voicing in Dzongkha obstruents
Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen; Carmel O'Shannessy
    Voice onset time and constriction duration in Warlpiri stops (Australia)
Yueh-chin Chang; Feng-fan Hsieh; Hsin-yi Chen
    Emphatically lengthened segments in Siwkolan Amis: Phonetics and Phonology

Thu 8th Aug Phonetics of second and foreign language acquisition

Martijn Wieling; Christiaan Blankevoort; Vera Hukker; Jidde Jacobi; Lisanne de Jong; Stefanie Keulen; Masha Medvedeva; Mara van der Ploeg; Anna Pot; Teja Rebernik; Pauline Veenstra; Aude Noiray
    The influence of alcohol on L1 vs. L2 pronunciation
Gina Marcela Pineda Mora; Jenna Conklin; Kelly Johanna Vera Diettes; Olga Dmitrieva
    Production and perception of English low-mid vowels by speakers of Colombian Spanish in English language immersion environment
Kimiko Yamakawa; Shigeaki Amano
    Identifying acoustic features that cause unnaturalness of non-native speakers' Japanese
Risa Matsubara; Izabelle Grenon
    Sensitivity to palatalized sequences does not transfer to non-native palatalized contrasts
Peggy Mok; Chun Wai Leung; Chen Lan; Alan Yu
    The Acquisition of Cantonese Vowel Length Contrast and Vowel Rounding Contrast by South Asian Students in Hong Kong
Hongwei Ding; Yuqing Zhan; Sishi Liao; Jiahong Yuan
    Preceding Vowel Duration and Syllable-final Stop Voicing: An Examination of L2 English Production and Perception by Chinese Learners of English
Tanja Kocjančič Antolík; Jan Volín
    Ultrasound tongue imaging for vowel remediation in Czech English

Thu 8th Aug Sociophonetics and phonetic variation

Peter Manfred Pützer
    Differences in the Production of Fortis-Lenis Oppositions in Plosives to be found in the French-German Border Area
Keiichi Tajima; Mafuyu Kitahara; Kiyoko Yoneyama
    Lexically conditioned phonetic variation: An experimental test with the singleton-geminate contrast in Japanese
Marko Liker; Ana Vidović Zorić; Natalia Zharkova; Fiona Gibbon
    Ultrasound analysis of postalveolar and palatal affricates in Croatian: a case of neutralisation
Arkadiusz Rojczyk; Andrzej Porzuczek
    Rearticulated geminates are not sequences of two identical sounds: Evidence from Polish affricate geminates
Lia Saki Bucar Shigemori; Alessandro Vietti
    Acoustic analysis of Italian singleton/geminate stop production in two ambient temperature conditions
Caroline Smith
    The effect of allophonic patterns on consonant cluster simplification in English
Petra Hoedl
    Perception of voice onset time by Austrian and German listeners
Marzena Karpinska
    How accented do Caucasian-looking vs. Asian-looking native speakers sound to a Japanese listener?
Fabienne Westerberg
    Swedish "Viby-i": Acoustics, articulation, and variation
Caterina Petrone; Elisa Sneed German; James Sneed German; Kiwako Ito
    Effects of tune and interspeaker differences on the interpretation of requests and offers
Antje Mefferd; Lois Efionayi; Sophie Mouros
    Tongue- and Jaw-Specific Response Patterns to Speaking Rate Manipulations
Jessamyn Schertz; Melissa Paquette-Smith; Elizabeth K. Johnson
    The relationship between perceptual similarity judgments and VOT convergence in a shadowing task
James Scobbie; Joan Ma
    Say again? Individual acoustic strategies for producing a clearly-spoken minimal pair wordlist 
James Walker; Ronald Beline Mendes
    Lower your voice: Vowel devoicing and deletion in São Paulo Portuguese

Thu 8th Aug Special poster session: Theoretical and methodological challenges in L3 phonological acquisition
Organisers: Magdalena Wrembel and Romana Kopeckova

Anna Balas; Romana Kopečková; Magdalena Wrembel
    Perception of rhotics by multilingual children
Iga Krzysik; Magdalena Wrembel
    The relationship between phonological working memory and speech production in young multilinguals
Yanjiao Zhu; Aoju Chen; Stefan Sudhoff; Peggy Mok
    Third language prosody: evidence from Cantonese-English-German trilinguals
Jennifer Zhang
    Feature-specific advantages in L3 phonological acquisition
Romana Kopečková; Ulrike Gut; Christina Golin
    Acquisition of the /v/-/w/ contrast by L1 German children and adults
Halina Lewandowska; Magdalena Wrembel
    The mutual influence of vowel length perception in the second and third language
Xinran Ren; Peggy Pik Ki Mok
    The Acquisition of Korean Prosodic Prominence by Cantonese-English Bilinguals

Thu 8th Aug Speech acoustics

Julien Millasseau; Laurence Bruggeman; Ivan Yuen; Katherine Demuth
    Durational cues to place and voicing contrasts in Australian English word-initial stops
Susana Rodrigues; Fernando Martins; Andreia Hall; Luis Jesus
    /l/ velarisation as a continuum in European Portuguese
Changhe Chen
    An acoustic analysis of the vowels in Fuzhou Chinese
Sabine Asmus; Sylwester Jaworski; Michał Baran
    Fortis/lenis or voiced/voiceless - features of Welsh consonants
Daniel McCarthy; Jalal Al-Tamimi
    F2R: A Technique for Collapsing F2onset and F2mid into a Single Acoustic Attribute
Anton Malmi
    Spectral properties of Estonian palatalization

Thu 8th Aug Speech prosody

Janet Fletcher; Rosey Billington; Nick Thieberger
    Prosodic marking of focus in Nafsan
Jacob Aziz; Ileana Paul
    The Intonation of Malagasy: A Preliminary Look
Adam Royer; Sun-Ah Jun
    Prominence marking in Kazan Tatar declaratives
Hannah Sande; Maya Barzilai; Madeleine Oakley
    Acoustic correlates of stress in Amharic: Implications for phonological analyses
Catalina Torres; Janet Fletcher; Gillian Wigglesworth
    Phrasing and constituent boundaries in Lifou French
Yeong Woo Park; Francisco Torreira; Heather Goad
    Interaction between lexical tone and intonation in Kinshasa Lingala
Hironori Katsuda
    A preliminary model of Ikpana intonational phonology 
Farhat Jabeen
    Interpretation of LH intonation contour in Urdu/Hindi
Bistra Andreeva; Snezhina Dimitrova; Christoph Gabriel; Jonas Grünke
    The intonation of Bulgarian Judeo-Spanish spontaneous speech

Thu 8th Aug Tone

Fei Chen
    Mandarin Tone Identification with F0-flattening Processed Single-vowels
Puisan Wong; Yeuk-sze Ngan; Yanfan Zhen
    Do children with dyslexia have a general auditory processing deficit, phonological processing deficit or semantic deficit: Insights from linguistic and non-linguistic tone perception in Cantonese-speaking children with Dyslexia
Keith King Wui Leung; Yue Wang
    Relating acoustic properties of Mandarin tones to perceptual cue weights
Stephen Politzer-Ahles; Katrina Connell; Yu-Yin Hsu; Lei Pan
    Mandarin third tone sandhi may be incompletely neutralizing in perception as well as production
Shakuntala Mahanta; Amalesh Gope
    Voiceless sonorants and lexical tone in Mog
Xiao Fu; Bronwen Evans
    Investigating the role of musical experience in lexical tone perception: non-musicians and amateur musicians' perception of Mandarin tones
Esther Wong; Murray Schellenberg; Bryan Gick
    Acceptability judgments of variations in tone representation in Cantonese songs
Yee Ping Wong
    Perception of Cantonese lexical tones by Japanese non-learners and learners of Mandarin
Gaoyuan Zhang; Jing Shao; Lan Wang; Caicai Zhang
    The perception of Lexical Tone in Whispered Speech by Mandarin-speaking Congenital Amusics
Raymond Wen Chun Chow; Yi Liu; Jing-Hong Ning
    The Categorical Perception of Mandarin Tone 2 and Tone 3 by Tonal and Non-tonal Listeners
Jirapas Jangjamras; Si Chen; Ratree Wayland
    Acoustic Analysis of Lahu Nyi Tone System
Jinghong Ning; Yi Liu
    The effect of phonological constraints on the perception of non-native tones

Thu 8th Aug Workshop posters: Computational approaches for documenting and analyzing oral languages
Organisers: Laurent Besacier, Alexis Michaud, Martine Adda-Decker, Gilles Adda, Stephen Bird, Graham Neubig, François Pellegrino, Sakriani Sakti and Mark Van de Velde

Alexis Michaud; Oliver Adams; Christopher Cox; Séverine Guillaume
    Phonetic lessons from automatic phonemic transcription: preliminary reflections on Na (Sino-Tibetan) and Tsuut’ina (Dene) data
Laurent Besacier; Elodie Gauthier; Sylvie Voisin
    Lessons learned after development and use of a data collection app for language documentation (Lig-Aikuma)
Won Ik Cho; Jeonghwa Cho; Jeemin Kang; Nam Soo Kim
    Prosody-Semantics Interface in Seoul Korean: Corpus for a Disambiguation of wh- Intervention
Candide Simard; Anne Lacheret-Dujour; Oyelere Abiola
    Broad and Narrow focus marking in Naija (Nigerian Pidgin): the role of prosody